Scotch Whisky Legend That Keeps Walking

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A glass of scotch whisky holds countless memories, conversations, and moments. It evokes pleasant nostalgia, teleporting you back to the first sip you took. One such significant brand, in taste and reminiscence, is Johnnie Walker. Johnnie Walker is a distinguished name in the scotch whisky world. One that has captivated the hearts of several enthusiasts across the globe. The planning and effort that lies behind every sip of this magnificent drink- is what built the Johnnie Walker empire. 

Johnnie Walker: The Unbeatable First Choice Of Scotch Lovers

1. The Legendary Beginnings of Johnnie Walker

It is no hidden secret that the brand Johnnie Walker takes its name after its creator Johnnie Walker himself. However, the passion, ambition, and innovation that went into concocting this masterpiece are unsung. 

Johnnie Walker was 14 years old when his father passed away in 1819 and he sold his father’s farm to start a grocery, wine, and spirits shop in Kilmarnock, Scotland. While he sold several kinds of single malts in his grocery, none of them felt consistent. So, he decided to create a special blend that delivers quality and solves the issue of inconsistent taste. He started retailing this blend as ‘Walkers Kilmarnock Whiskey’ in his local grocery. 

Walker’s sons inherited the business and took it forward with several innovations. They introduced a single square bottle in 1860 and the slant label was intentionally applied, making the text more visible. 

2. The Unparalleled Taste

In 1893, the brand purchased the Cardhu distillery, which became the heart of the Johnnie Walker scotch whisky. The Cardhu blend imparts a smoky taste to the drink for which the brand is adored. The brand is known for its smooth yet deep taste, often imparting hints of citrus, a garden patch, and delicate grain, contradicting its on-the-nose hits of spice and dark chewy toffee. 

3. Marketing That Resonated With Millions

Here’s a great whisky fact you can flaunt at gatherings - the ‘walker’ on the bottle was initially a doodle. During lunch one day, Tom Browne, a renowned illustrator, drew the striding man. This doodle was colourful and jovial. With years passing, the doodle was revamped into a sleek and sophisticated design, symbolising the brand’s progression into a regal name. 

“The Striding Man” illustration is the essence of the brand, portraying the progress of a man in life, from one milestone to another. Each bottle of scotch whisky looks like a trophy that you pop open to celebrate every achievement of yours. 

The colours that define the notes of the scotch today, were not introduced till Alexander Walker passed away. Moreover, there is a Johnnie Walker bottle priced at $22,000 that is a blend of 45-70-year-old whiskies and sadly, it’s not for sale!

Bottom Line

Johnnie Walker is a people’s favourite for its traditional grandeur as well as for its myth-breaking campaigns related to scotch. It is a brand that allows people with distinct tastes to enjoy scotch and adapt to its otherwise rigid taste. This brand of scotch whisky is the perfect drink for your celebrations. If you are looking out for more such recommendations and in-depth whisky facts, The Bar is here to help!

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