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Six Sensational Seafood Canapés You Won't Be Able To Resist

Seafood Sensations: Six Canapés With Ocean-Inspired Flavours

A singular delight in culinary culture is well prepared seafood that is paired with lots of refreshing drinks made from sparkling ciders, prosecco, champagne and aperol. At cocktail night, serving seafood canapés is just a way of revelling in these light oceanic tastes that are refreshing and filling without being overpowering. Canapés celebrating these flavours of the ocean include a variety of bite sized appetisers made from crustaceans like shrimp, lobsters and crab along with oysters and caviar too, which are accompanied by different dips like tartar sauce and mayonnaise.

You can prepare an array of canapés that are sheer seafood sensations the next time you host a cocktail evening for those who are fond of these flavours. Shellfish have a very sweet and creamy flesh that can be added to salads or mixed with lots of dressings to be used as toppings on breads, pastries and in tarts. Next time you host a cocktail night at home, make these appetisers that can be savoured in one bite while sipping on champagne or a naughty bellini.

Read on below to know more about some of the canapés you can prepare which celebrate ocean inspired flavours:

Crab Cakes And Tartar Dip

An appetiser classic, crab cakes have been around for a long time as favoured options when you are hosting a large gathering for drinks. You can serve delicious crab cakes by bringing together the meat of the crustacean with several seasonings like mayonnaise, mustard and eggs before deep frying them. Serve the crab cakes with a tasty tartar dip whose rich and tangy qualities pair well with the sweetness of crab flesh. This dish is perfect when you are offering a range of cocktails because crab cakes generally tend to go well with many drinks.

Seafood Sensations: Six Canapés With Ocean-Inspired Flavours

Spicy Shrimp Cocktail Bites

You would have heard of these singular delights served in a shot glass full of a tasty dip with a shrimp hanging at the side. If you want to celebrate the flavours of the sea, gently cook shrimp in some basic seasonings like salt, pepper and chilli powder and affix them to shot glasses filled with spicy salsa. Go with a mango salsa or cocktail sauce when you pass around these canapés on cocktail night.

Crab Salad In Cucumber Cups

A singularly cooling delight, crab salad served in cups carved out of cucumber are the perfect appetisers for spring evenings. You get a good catch in such pleasing weather so make the most of the bounty of the ocean by using crab meat in delicious recipes. Make the crab salad with a dressing of mayonnaise, celery, lime juice or and a hint of garlic aioli if you want to give it an intense flavour. Garnish with chives and serve as canapés with a flavourful aperitif.

Seafood Sensations: Six Canapés With Ocean-Inspired Flavours

Lobster Salad Profiteroles

Prepare a classic lobster salad if you enjoy the sweet and slightly creamy notes of lobster flesh and stuff it into profiteroles as a starter which highlights oceanic flavours in all their glory. You can top this dish with a lobster claw or tail for a slightly more dramatic feel and serve with a cocktail dipping sauce just in case you want an added textural element to complete the canapés.

Oyster Rockefeller

This is a very famous preparation involving oyster shells topped with butter, parsley, herbs and breadcrumbs. When you want to splurge on seafood just a tad, you can prepare this baked goodie that tastes like little slices of heaven. Pair oyster rockefeller with elegant floral cocktails or botanical mixes whose herbaceous notes go well with the sea-like taste of the shellfish.

California Rolls

If you are not averse to serving sushi as canapés, you can prepare California rolls by placing crab meat and avocado on small squares of nori that can be rolled into little bite sized numbers. Use a dollop of spicy mayo or fish roe as garnish and serve with a hint of wasabi so guests can enjoy a palate cleanser before taking the next sip of their drink.


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