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Seven Cocktails Celebrating The Creamy, Tangy Flavours Of Buttermilk

Seven Cocktails Celebrating The Creamy, Tangy Flavours Of Buttermilk

Buttermilk is a clever mixer to add to a cocktail. Not only does it make a cocktail airier but it also introduces some creaminess and tang without any of the density characteristic of full, heavy cream. This refreshing drink can be enjoyed as a non-alcoholic soother after a sumptuous meal to cleanse your palate. Infused with some masalas, it can be converted into chaas that tastes just as good with a hint of vodka added to the glass!

Making cocktails out of buttermilk is bartending genius indeed and there are several variations of this recipe which can be made when you next host a party or a themed gathering. Buttermilk is also an excellent replacement for certain cocktails which use cream to reduce their intensity. Undoubtedly, the buttermilk no longer remains a simple mixer in these recipes but it acquires a rich character of its own that is as celebrated in the cocktail as the liquor that gives it a kick.

Read on below to know more about some cocktails which revel in the goodness of the tangy, creamy notes of buttermilk:

Buttermilk Fizz

This gin cocktail can be made using carbonated water incorporated for its frothy goodness and tons of buttermilk that gives the drink a roomy consistency. The fizz in the cocktail is an attribute of both the soda or carbonated water shaken to perfection as well as the buttermilk which acquires a rich froth when churned vigorously.

Buttermilk Flip

A rather clever take similar to eggnog, you can make a buttermilk flip if you feel that the festive drink has become too mundane. Infuse buttermilk with a foamy and creamy egg white, some bitters and a bit of aromatic wine along with generous helpings of premium Tanqueray No. Ten Gin to make a drink that brings out the creamy and curd-like notes of buttermilk while introducing a generous buzz in your glass.

Seven Cocktails Celebrating The Creamy, Tangy Flavours Of Buttermilk

Buttermilk Punch

Spices and buttermilk are a delightful combination. In fact, adding nutmeg to a buttermilk flip recipe would only elevate its flavour profile. The same goes for a buttermilk punch too, which can be made using buttermilk and bourbon, some simple syrup and a dash of vanilla extract for its soothing aroma. Nutmeg will definitely add more intensity and a festive quality to the drink while highlighting the distinct taste of buttermilk.

Buttermilk And Berry Cooler

Buttermilk is often paired with many fruity flavours to craft a rather rich and decadent drink. Mango lassi made from a thicker variant of buttermilk is one such flavourful, fruity pairing. You can introduce fruity notes of strawberries or raspberries into simple buttermilk in a similar fashion along with a dash of vodka and honey. Buttermilk will definitely stand out as the hero of the cocktail because its tang is only elevated by the slightly sour notes of the berries.

Buttermilk Margarita

This is not just your average margarita variation. Buttermilk works really well with lime and triple sec to acquire an extra tang that is rather appealing. Use a Don Julio Reposado tequila to craft this cocktail for an unexpected freshness which elevates the overall complexity of the drink. The refreshing qualities inherent in buttermilk only heighten a classic recipe to give it an added textural component.

Seven Cocktails Celebrating The Creamy, Tangy Flavours Of Buttermilk

Buttermilk And Citruses

Just like berries, buttermilk also goes well with oranges and lime. But be very careful while mixing this drink, lest it get curdled. Use generous proportions of grapefruit or orange juice that will make the buttermilk sing and add a splash of Ciroc Ultra Premium Vodka to craft this clever cocktail.

Buttermilk Toddy

Use quality whisky or brandy to craft a cocktail perfect for a wintry evening. You can also add a dash of hot water and some honey to the drink to give it a soothing quality. Buttermilk and whisky go really well and when paired, bring out some of the most notoriously robust, tangy, smoky and intense flavours in both these beverages. 

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