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Singles' Night On Valentine’s: The Best Cocktails & Mocktails For One!

valentine's day singles

If you are single and wondering how to spend Valentine's Night, here's a suggestion — have a Singles Night party! Gather your homies and enjoy a night of revelry. We have curated a special list of cocktails and mocktails that are perfect for the occasion. Check them out below.

Cocktail Recipes

1. Hollaback Girl

Made using banana liqueur, banana foam and brûléed banana slices, this banana-licious drink is super comforting and looks inviting with the foam on its top.


30 ml Smirnoff vodka
20 ml Captain Morgan Original Spiced Rum
15 ml Brown sugar syrup (2:1)
10 ml Lemon juice
1 Banana, sliced
90 ml Banana liqueur
15 ml Lime juice
3 Eggs


Take a nitrogen whipper. Add banana liqueur, lime juice and eggs and charge with nitrogen to create the banana foam. Set it aside. Now take a shaker with ice and add vodka, spiced rum, brown sugar syrup and lemon juice. Shake well. Strain the drink into a serving glass and top with banana foam. Brulée the banana slices on a cocktail pick. Place it on the lip of the glass as a garnish.

2. Red Hot Slush

Celebrate your confidence with this bright red drink. This cocktail uses cherry vodka, Goldschläger (Swiss cinnamon schnapps a liqueur with very thin, yet visible flakes of gold floating in it) and grenadine, with red sugar and a candy heart as a garnish.


60 ml Smirnoff Cherry
45 ml Goldschlager
30 ml Grenadine
Red sugar, for rimming
Heart Candy, for garnish


Use the red sugar to rim the edge of a wine glass and set it aside. In a blender combine cherry vodka, cinnamon schnapps and grenadine with ice and combine until smooth. Pour the drink into the prepared wine glass. Garnish with a heart candy.

valentine's day single cocktails

3. Part-Time Lover

This drink is for those who can neither claim to be single nor committed. For all those who are stuck in situationships, this is the perfect cocktail to indulge in.


45 ml Don Julio Reposado
30 ml Smirnoff Orange
15 ml Aperol
15 ml Simple syrup
15 ml Lemon juice
30 ml White peach puree
1/4th bar spoon Matcha powder
Edible flowers, for garnish  
Matcha powder, for garnish 


Take a shaker with ice and add tequila, vodka, aperol, simple syrup, lemon juice, white peach puree and matcha in a shaker. Shake well to combine. Take a cocktail glass with ice and strain the mix into it. Dust some more matcha powder on top of the glass and garnish with some flowers.

Mocktail Recipes

1. Mango Mule

This fruity twist to Moscow Mule makes for a delectable drink. The sweetness from mango and honey is balanced with a splash of ginger beer.


4-5 Cucumber, sliced
30 ml Honey syrup
45 ml Mango puree
45 ml Lime juice, freshly squeezed
45 ml Ginger beer


Take a cocktail shaker and add cucumber and honey syrup to it. Muddle the contents well. Now add the mango puree and lime juice and shake with ice. Pour the drink into a copper mug to give it the touch of a Moscow Mule. Sprinkle in ginger beer and stir.

2. Cranberry Basil Sangria

This drink has an abundance of fruits. Cranberries, oranges and apples make for the perfect concoction you can enjoy at any event.


120 ml Cranberry juice
40 ml Orange juice
80 ml Canned seltzer
1 Orange, sliced 
1 Apple, sliced 
80 gms Frozen cranberries
Handful of Basil leaves


Take a mixing glass and add cranberry juice, orange juice and seltzer. Add the fruit slices and basil. Stir together and serve.

valentine's day single mocktails

3. Sweet Sunrise

A non-alcoholic tweak on the popular tequila sunrise, this drink has orange juice and grenadine as alcoholic substitutions. It will surely take you to a sunny, crystal-water beach. 


120 ml Orange juice
15 ml Grenadine
1 Orange slice


Take a tall glass and fill it with orange juice and ice. Add grenadine and an orange slice to top it all off.

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