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Six Iced Tea And Liquor Pairings For Your Summer Cocktail Needs

summertime boozy iced tea

Infusing spirits with tea brings into them a certain intensity and depth that is characteristic of this fragrant brew. In summers, there is nothing better than coming home to a glass full of chilled iced tea which can be savoured with a side of crispy biscuits. 

Iced tea has origins in the American countryside where it was often gulped down by cowboys taking a break after working for long hours in the farmlands under the sweltering heat of the sun. Such a classic chilled tea can always be made a tad boozier by pairing it with spirits to craft a delicious spiky mix at a summer cocktail night.

Generally iced tea is prepared using black or oolong tea which is brewed in hot water as a strong concoction that is topped off with chilled water and garnished with mint and lime before being poured into a tall glass filled with ice.

You can follow the same recipe with the addition of a spirit to prepare a boozy iced tea where experimenting with different liquors allows a wider exploration of flavour pairings that seamlessly bring out the vibrant qualities of the home brewed tea.

Read on below for some iced tea and liquor combinations that can be put together during summer to craft bright, cheerful summertime cocktails:

summertime iced tea and liquor pairings

Iced Tea And Bourbon

One of the most classic flavour pairings, an intense, freshly brewed black tea pairs well with the caramel-like, oaky tastes of bourbon to bring forth a refreshing cocktail that packs quite a kick. You can use a generous 30 ml pour of the spirit to accentuate the boozy notes in the black tea and garnish this with a mint spring for its zestiness. A splash of lemon juice would add citrusy notes into the drink that complement all the other flavours in the recipe. You can prepare a large batch of the cocktail and serve it at an afternoon tea hosted in your garden.

rum and iced tea cocktails

Iced Tea And Rum

Another traditional combination, use a splash of Captain Morgan Dark Rum to craft this boozy mix. You can use black tea or oolong tea to bring the drink together along with lots of ice, making a thoroughly strong blend. Alternatively, experiment with fruit teas like peaches or berries whose sweet, tangy and slightly sour qualities seep into the drink to give it a more refreshing touch. The cocktail can be given a sangria-like finish by adding thin apple or pear slices into the iced tea mix. Be generous with the amount of ice cubes you add to this drink so you can serve it chilled at a summer barbecue.

iced tea and spirit pairings

Herbal And Floral Tea With Vodka

A 45 ml pour of Smirnoff Triple Distilled vodka is a very malleable gulp which can take quite a lot of flavour. Prepare floral infusions like lavender or chamomile tea and top these up with chilled water and vodka. The drink will acquire a very inviting aroma that is highlighted because of the subtle and clear textures of the spirit. Squeeze in some lemon juice for a hint of tang and garnish this drink with edible flowers for a dramatic flourish.

gin infused green tea

Green Tea And Gin

Bring together a strong brew of green tea with some Tanqueray No. Ten gin to create a slightly sweet but savour, herby and fresh concoction. This drink can be accentuated with a cucumber peel garnish whose distinct taste will complement the botanical elements that are characteristic of gin. Green tea and gin is the perfect combination for a high tea hosted on the patio or in your back garden complete with a spread of scones and clotted cream.

tequila in mint tea

Mint Tea And Tequila

Yet another refreshing combination is a vibrant mint tea paired with a 30 ml pour of Don Julio Reposado tequila. This invigorating combination is enough to energise your spirits amidst the sweltering heat where the minty tea in fact counteracts some of the earthiness in the reposado. Garnish with a fresh lime wedge for a pop of yellow in the green drink to epitomise the summer feel.

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