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Game Day Grub: 6 Snacks To Pair With Your Favourite Sports

Six Snacks To Watch Sports With For Your Game Day Grub

On game night, when the play comes to a crucial make or break point, with your nerves on edge and you sliding to the edge of your seat, what carries you through this moment is bingeing on mouth watering snacks that are sheer comfort food. So, when watching your favourite teams play, you need grub that is wholesome, delicious and thoroughly soul satisfying. And if you decide to host your friends for a watch party, you would have to stock up on a lot of snacks like fries, sandwiches, chips, dips and salads that everyone can munch on while sipping on a frothy beer during the game.

There are a lot of options to choose from when you want snacks for game night but there are only a few which have remained absolute favourites through time. These snacks are easy to prepare and utterly tasty, besides they can be made in bulk without being too heavy on the pocket. Game night is an informal gathering where everyone would crowd around the TV rooting for their team to win, making these no frills snacks the perfect accompaniment for such evenings.

Read on below for some game night grub alternatives that you can lay out on your coffee table the next time you are hosting friends and relatives over for a match:

Nachos And Guac

Easiest to prepare and a favourite among young and old, crispy nachos dipped in guacamole are perfect for game night as munchies to be nibbled on in between two cricket overs. You can experiment with different flavours of the nachos and set out a plate filled with assorted crisps so each nacho gives you a different taste. Also keep some mayonnaise dip on the side to pair with your guac and provide another flavourful layer in the snack dish.

Chilli Cheese Fries

Another favourite across age groups, chilli cheese fries are utterly suited munchies for game night. You can load your fries with lots of cream cheese or melted cheddar and accompany that with cut up peppers, some smoked paprika and a dash of pepper for seasoning. Alternatively, you can also make cheesy meat loaded fries by adding cut up hot dogs to the plate. Prepare several such platters through the course of the evening as a binge worthy snack during a football game.

Six Snacks To Watch Sports With For Your Game Day Grub

Popcorn And Various Taste Mixes

Be it movie night or game night, popcorn is an ideal munching that can be enjoyed in bulk even as you know you would have dinner later. Popcorn seldom fills you up yet, it gets your taste buds salivating. Accompany your microwave popcorn bowl with different taste mixes like butter, cream and onion, cheese, tomato, paprika and lots more. Guests can sprinkle them over the snack by either choosing to help themselves to a serving in a separate bowl or by mixing several taste packets into one big bowl of popcorn for a flavour explosion.

Chicken Wings

Prepare baked or fried chicken wings according to the time you have before game night and serve them to all hungry football fans when you convene on match day. You can prepare buffalo wings glazed with barbecue sauce or teriyaki depending on your taste preferences. Serve them with ranch dressing or blue cheese dressing so that the sharp flavours of the dip cut through the slightly spicy and meaty taste of the marinated chicken.

Potato Salad And Sliders

Another crowd pleaser on match day is a plate full of sliders served with an assortment of fresh salads like a potato and onion mayo and cream cheese helping. You can craft sliders with your choice of meat, some caramelised onions, tomatoes, lettuce and a mustard dressing that will go perfectly with cold, subtly flavoured veggies.

Six Snacks To Watch Sports With For Your Game Day Grub

Mini Pizzas

If you want to get more creative in the kitchen, you can prepare mini pizzas in the oven with an assortment of toppings. During break time, you can turn pizza making into a DIY activity by getting your friends to assemble their own pizzas using toppings like cheeses, sun dried tomatoes, hot dogs, pepperoni, mushrooms, corn, capsicum and lots more before putting them into the oven. They can munch on these mini slices of heaven when play is resumed.

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