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Six Uncommon Liquors That Make For Unforgettable Gifts

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When it comes to gift giving, what could be a better idea than a bottle of premium liquor for a true connoisseur? One can select from some of the finest collections of wines, gins and whiskies that make for stunning gifts when coupled with rock glasses, engraved decanters or even some customised barware and bar accessories. But for a spirit aficionado fond of experimenting with different flavours and varieties of liqueurs, mulled wines and spirits, there are many other alcohol variants that make for really great alternatives to your usual choices of whiskies and rums.

These are varieties distinct to a particular region and celebrate the ingredients and local aromas utilised to make the spirits. From the mezcal with origins in Mexico to the more indigenous mahua, found in the tribal belt in India’s central and eastern regions, there are tons of lesser-known spirits which make for really unforgettable gifting options.

Read on below to know more about uncommon liquor variations that can be your gift giving choices the next time you want to present something to a friend or relative fond of quality spirits:


This is a delightful Mexican treat made from agave plants. It is a close relative of tequila, the transparent liquid known for its fun flavours and usage in cocktail craft. Mezcal tastes similar to tequila but packs a more intense flavour because of its production process which involves roasting the agave in underground pits. You can turn a bottle of mezcal into a suitable gift for anyone who likes a drink with bold, intense and complex profiles.



The anise-flavoured spirit has a naturally green colour and is generally made using fennel and other medicinal herbs. It has a very appealing, sort of sweet but rather floral and aromatic flavour profile. A small 30 ml pour of absinthe can be diluted in water to release some of its more herbal notes. absinthe  always appears in some of the most delightful bottled packaging and the green hues of the spirit are indeed welcoming in any cocktail craft, making the drink an ideal present for a mixology enthusiast.


Another interesting and lesser-known gifting option would be the Italian amaro, an herbal liqueur known for its bittersweet flavour tones. Amaro is used widely in making cocktails and carries an irresistible aroma which adds a whole new layer to any liquor blend. The drink can be made using many different herbal and botanical concoctions and is indeed well-suited to cocktail recipes.

liquor variations

Sloe Gin

Made from sloe berries, the drink is packed with some fruity and tart notes that make this gin rather pleasing on the tongue. You can gift this variant of the spirit to any connoisseur fond of trying new varieties of traditional liquors. The drink also acts as a wonderful base for cocktails and even though it is a lesser-known spirit, it is a clear favourite among avid mixologists for its stunning flavour potential.


A Brazilian spirit made from fermented sugarcane, cachaça is a very intense distilled spirit, transparent and clear, rather like a robust white rum. This can be a suitable gifting choice for anyone who is fond of the intense, bitter notes of a classic rum drink and will be an excellent gifting choice for those who enjoy spirits that continue to be rooted in the regional flavours from where the liquor originates.


Of many indigenous liquors integral to India’s spirit scene, mahua is one which is lesser-known but quite important for its faintly floral flavour. It is made from a tropical plant that is sun-dried and fermented using rice cakes infused with yeast and some jaggery to pack it with a hint of sweetness. Track down a bottle of mahua for a true connoisseur because it is a spirit incredibly difficult to get your hands on!

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