Six Warm Mocktails To Ward Off The Winter Gloom

Six Warm Mocktails To Ward Off The Winter Gloom

When the snows fall and the cold winds blow…it’s time for a warm mocktail that would soothe your freezing nerves and imbue a calming warmth through your shivering body. There are so many flavourful non-alcoholic beverages which act as excellent soothers on winter evenings to ward off the gloom of the season. Winters do spell cosy rugs and soft slippers but many times the grey darkness and unusual quiet of cold evenings might cast a gloomy spell. A cheery drink sipped on by the fire or by the window, as you curl up with a good book, could prove to be the perfect way to get rid of the gloom and lift up your spirits.

Hot mocktails, or non-alcoholic beverages like cocoa or hot chocolate with marshmallows are amazing alternatives for such evenings. Yet there are other, versatile options for you to concoct out of some staple and some quirky pantry ingredients and pairings that would certainly up your mocktail game this winter. These drinks are full of creamy, milky and fruity goodness and are just as decadent.

Here are a few warm mocktails you can make during winters to ward off the gloom and cheer yourself up a little:

Ginger Turmeric Toddy

This is a classic mocktail you can enjoy by putting together turmeric, ginger, honey and some whole spices into a warm mix. This is done in order to extract the flavours of these ingredients. The decoction can be stored in the fridge and brought out every time you want to craft a soother. Simply add warm water to a helping of this spiced mix and enjoy it with a mint garnish. The drink contains lots of anti-inflammatory properties too, so you would be giving your immune system a boost while sipping on a delicious beverage.

Six Warm Mocktails To Ward Off The Winter Gloom

Cranberry And Cinnamon Mocktail

When you are hosting a large gathering during winter that includes friends, families and kids, you can serve this warm mocktail in lieu of a punch and warm your guests with a cheerful drink. The tang of fresh cranberries infused in cranberry juice, cinnamon, sugar, cloves and oranges makes for the perfect base for a beverage that can be served hot with a rosemary skewer as a garnish.

Sweet Potato Latte

This warm mocktail is fast becoming popular for its health quotient and its creamy texture. The drink can be made using basic pantry staples like milk, sugar and sweet potato but tastes really intense and creamy and acts as a wonderful comfort on cold evenings. You can simply blend all the ingredients together to arrive at a smooth mix and garnish the drink with cinnamon powder. Enjoy it piping hot.

Caramel Eggnog

You can use non-alcoholic spiced rum to make this traditional drink ideal for winter days. Sip on the eggnog when the cold gets too much and the stubborn frost sticks to windows. You can add a dash of really appealing caramel to the eggnog to introduce sweet and bitter notes into the drink. Have it warm garnished with grated cinnamon and caramel syrup.

Six Warm Mocktails To Ward Off The Winter Gloom

Buttered Pineapple 

Hot buttered pineapple is a non-alcoholic take on hot buttered rum, but it tastes just as yum! Add generous helpings of butter to pineapple juice for really decadent notes and brown sugar and cinnamon for their intense flavours. Bring the drink to a boil and serve it warm with a nutmeg garnish. Introduce some citrusy notes with the addition of a bit of orange juice that will give the drink an added zest.

Masala Chai

On days when the winter gloom sets in and refuses to budge, the best remedy is a cup of warm masala chai. Infuse this classic drink with lemongrass, tulsi, ginger or whatever is your go-to aroma and brew your own personalised cup of tea which is a cure for all sorts of bleak and gloomy moods. Chew on a cookie or bite into a cracker or some crisps with your tea so you can enjoy a snacky crunch with this utterly comforting beverage.

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