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I Do, Two! 6 Unique Ideas For Renewing Your Wedding Vows

Six Wedding Vow Renewal Ceremonies With A Twist To Celebrate Years of Togetherness

Vow renewal, or essentially a ceremony where you reaffirm your marriage and companionship with your partner is a thoroughly adorable moment and quite the testament to the notion of enduring love. In the last few years, vow renewal ceremonies have attracted traction among those who are marking 25 or 30 years of a happily married life, as moments to celebrate this wonderful journey with their friends and relatives.

Many of these events are a way to recreate the moment all those decades ago when couples pledged to be with each other in sickness and in health, as a way to look back on the years gone by. The ceremonies are often nostalgic affairs and trace all the ups and downs, sweet and bitter situations that make up a marriage. But adding a few twists to these beautiful affairs are a fun way to revel in memories with just a hint of some modern, present day fun!

Read on below to know more about some of the ways in which you can put a twist on vow renewal ceremonies the next time you plan one for a couple, or are hosting one of your own:

Interactive Vow Renewal Ceremony

When you did get married all those years ago, there was one priest and a few select members of the wedding party who got to participate in the wedding rituals. When you plan a vow renewal ceremony, you can make it more interactive so all your guests become part of the wedding fun! This means you can have many relatives getting ordained to perform the wedding or plan activities like the ring warming ritual where the couples’ bands are passed around the guests who bless them before they are exchanged during the ceremony.

Six Wedding Vow Renewal Ceremonies With A Twist To Celebrate Years of Togetherness

Adventure Activity Vow Renewal Ceremony

Sometimes, a fun twist is to plan your vow renewals according to your preferences. Not only does this mean that you choose a venue and theme you both enjoy but it also means you engage in some over the top adventure activities during the actual vows. Go skydiving or head underwater for a renewal ceremony or trot over to a ranch to renew your vows while riding horses in utter cowboy fashion.

Getting Funky With Traditional Themes

When you get married you have your fill of all the traditional fare there is. So, when you do a renewal two or three decades on, you can throw caution to the winds and get a bit quirky with your wedding traditions. This means you can go for a glittery pink or sequined wedding dress instead of a white gown or red saree and make up your own vows instead of the traditional verses that are usually uttered in wedding ceremonies. You can also put a twist on the menu and instead of a wedding cake, you can cut a ganache, a waffle tower or a large slab of chocolate!

Six Wedding Vow Renewal Ceremonies With A Twist To Celebrate Years of Togetherness

Include Your Family In The Nuptials

If you end up having a large family—and all of you get along with each other!—make your kids, their spouses and your grandkids a part of the wedding ceremony. They were certainly absent when you carried out the wedding the first time so when you renew your vows, your kids can act as maids of honour or best persons and your grandkids can be your ring bearers!

Sing Your Vows

When you are a couple who loves song and dance, put a musical twist on your wedding vows and weave them into song. With this you can renew your vows as the band plays your favourite tune and you can actually perform your wedding in front of the gathered guests. You can also choreograph a dance to shake a leg as you declare your love for each other.

Surprise Vow Renewal Ceremony

Keep the unpredictable element in your relationship going strong by planning a surprise ceremony. This can be as grand or as intimate as you desire but a small ceremony always works best for the most romantic surprise. A completely unexpected treat for your partner on a significant wedding anniversary, this ceremony comprising the two of you and your closest community is the perfect way to reiterate your enduring love for each other.


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