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Tujhe Mirchi Lagi Toh...! Bollywood Fans, Here's How To Spice Up Your Snack Game

Spice Up Your Snack Game With Bollywood Inspired Appetisers And Spirit Pairings

When in the Indian subcontinent, you cannot escape Hindi cinema, popularly recognised as Bollywood, whose stories, songs and stars play a direct role in inspiring our cultures and day to day lives. Inevitably, the influence of this vibrant film industry is felt in our patterns of food and drink too such that numerous snacks and cocktails have been paired through the years to invoke memories of blockbuster movies and their catchy songs. These snacks are not only packed with mouth watering spicy and tangy textures but they are also readily available as street food in gullies across many cities.

If you plan on hosting a Bollywood themed evening at home, one of the best ways to go about it is to serve snacks that are inspired from famous movies and iconic scenes to make your guests feel like they are actually starring in the drama. Paired with the right liquor, the flavours of these appetisers will be elevated rather well making for a delicious menu that will be remembered long after the party is done and dusted.

Read on below for such Bollywood inspired liquor and snack pairings to level up your appetiser game at the next party you host:

Aloo Chaat And Whisky

In many films that centre on northern Indian narratives, aloo chaat figures prominently as a snack served at soirees and informal parties. You can see actors gorging on this delicious dish made from boiled potatoes, lots of mint and tamarind chutney and chopped onions in several movies, as an ode to the street food scene of this region. Enjoy a Signature Premium Whisky neat with a plateful of the crunchy yet soft, spicy and tangy aloo chat.

Spice Up Your Snack Game With Bollywood Inspired Appetisers And Spirit Pairings

Paneer Tikka And A Classic Highball

A northern Indian treat crafted in the tandoor, this smoky and spicy dish made by marianting cottage cheese in chilli powder, turmeric, ginger garlic paste and curd, among other ingredients is a clear marker of the heat packed movies that are part of Bollywood’s repository. In a classic ode to Hindi cinema, pair a paneer tikka dish with a highball or whisky and ginger ale so that the zesty notes of the drink undercut the spiced flavour of the tikka.

Bread Pakora And Moscow Mule

If you are hosting a Bollywood themed soiree, a plate of deep fried bread pakoda would emerge as the absolute winner at your party. The dish is easy to prepare and can be served with mint chutney and some salted and fried chillies that introduce a spicy kick into every bite. Pair the snack with a classic moscow mule crafted using Ketel One Premium Distilled Vodka and a generous pour of ginger beer to make a fizzy drink that would give you a welcome, boozy kick.

Chicken Momos And G&T

Over time, Bollywood has begun to appreciate the goodness that is momos and spicy sichuan chutney so the next time you want to pay tribute to Hindi cinema you can serve platefuls of warm momos. The dish can be paired with a classic gin and tonic because the botanical notes of a Tanqueray No. Ten will blend well with the subtly flavoured momos and the inviting dipping sauce.

Spice Up Your Snack Game With Bollywood Inspired Appetisers And Spirit Pairings

Chole Bhature And Rum and Cola

In many Bollywood films, chole bhature figure prominently as snacks enjoyed by the roadside. You can prepare a delicious dish containing the deep fried flatbread and the chickpeas curry that can be paired with a vibrant rum and cola. Use a premium Captain Morgan Dark Rum to make the cocktail which will balance out the slightly spicy taste of the chole.

Paani Puri And Margarita

Chaat figures prominently in many films in Bollywood spanning different genres. From the ‘last’ pani puri of their lives in Dangal to the chaat that Rani prepares in Queen, the golgappa carries a distinct Bollywood flavour which is hard to miss. You can pair this chatpata snack with a tall glass of a classic margarita prepared using a premium Don Julio Blanco Tequila, lots of lime juice and triple sec—flavours which complement the vibrant, tangy and spicy notes in this crispy appetiser.


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