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IPL: These Are The 5 Best Drinks For A Match Day Watch Party

Spirits That Make For The Best Drinks For IPL Match Day Party

Hosting a viewing party during Indian Premier League (IPL) season for die hard cricket fans? What you would need along with a large flatscreen and some amazing snacks are boozy concoctions that would keep you company while you watch your favourite teams battle it out on the stadium. Having friends over to watch the game means you stock up on beers and wines in abundance so you can enjoy a light buzz along with the sport. These drinks are also good accompaniment for the host of snacks you would lay out and will help to undercut some of their spicy and sweet flavours. As well, the drinks would keep you company when you play fun games and activities centred around the IPL season when the players are on break.

Cocktail concoctions abound for such events, most of which are low prep drinks that can be put together quickly and at a moment’s notice at any party. These are often batch cocktails, that is drinks which can be prepared in bulk so you can churn out jug upon jug of mojitos and margaritas throughout the game. To add a more fun element into batch cocktails, turn them into themed drinks that celebrate the teams playing in the IPL.

Here are some of the spirits you can serve your guests the next time you host an IPL party at home:

Royal Blue Lagoon Jug

If your favourite royals are playing in the game when you are hosting a party during IPL season, you can prepare this regal version of the blue lagoon as a fuss free cocktail that nonetheless packs quite a buzz. This drink can be prepped in advance and all you would have to do when guests start arriving is muddle all the ingredients including blue curaçao, lemon juice, soda and some quality Ketel One Premium Distilled Vodka in a large container. Pour the royal blue lagoon into margarita glasses and churn out big batches of the cocktail throughout the evening.

Spirits That Make For The Best Drinks For IPL Match Day Party

Sunrisers Sangria Bowl

Sangrias are always a clear favourite at any party where you want to set a light mood and a cheerful ambience. A watch party during the IPL is the perfect place to prepare this sweet, fruity, party drink made from a good red or white wine, some chopped up fruits, a bit of brandy and a dash of orange juice. You can prepare sangria in a large punch bowl and serve it in smaller glass tea cups at a casual gathering of intimate friends.

Frothy IPA Towers

Beer and a good game is the perfect combination for an ideal night in. During the IPL season, you can gather around the TV with your friends and set a large tower of the intense and bitter India Pale Ale in the middle. Savour this frothy drink with a side of chips and assorted crisps with lots of different dips. A beer tower will introduce a chilled out, friendly vibe in the party, perfect for an informal get together of close friends.

Spirits That Make For The Best Drinks For IPL Match Day Party

Scotch Whiskies

If you are among those who enjoy a low key affair with light hors d'oeuvres and a spot of whisky to sip on while the match plays itself out on TV, you cannot go wrong with a selection of good single malts laid out for guests at a viewing party. Pour a premium Black Dog or Johnnie Walker Black Label into a rocks glass and enjoy this drink either on the rocks or with a tiny splash of water. You can take in the game as you savour the smoky yet citrusy notes of these luxurious spirits.

Highball Cocktails

Simple to make and serve in bulk, highball cocktails generally mix quality whisky with ginger beer or ginger ale and some citruses to exude sharp and intense flavours that would be the highlight of every party. On match day, highball cocktails will imbue that much needed enthusiasm and party fervour into your gathering, so make sure you churn out batch after batch of these fun drinks to keep the party going.



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