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Strawberries Are The Stars Of These Delicious Garden Party Mocktails

Ace These Six Delicious Strawberry Mocktails For Your Next Garden Party

Venturing into verdant gardens and going strawberry picking is one of the most delightful and fun activities you can plan for in early spring and summer seasons. The fresh fruit is ripe and ready for plucking and you can eat just as many as you put into your basket, simply make sure you wash them first! The citrusy, tangy fruit is a crispy, sweet and sour and utterly welcoming treat for young and old alike. During strawberry season, this is the perfect ingredient to top up your creamy cakes and pastries with, to add to your ice creams and fruit platters and to make delicious mocktails that bring cheer to any party.

When you are hosting youngsters at home for a pool or garden party, you cannot go wrong with an array of strawberry mocktails that are as flavourful as they are refreshing and energising. It is quite easy to craft some mouthwatering mocktail variations using simple recipes that incorporate crushed or blended strawberries into the mix. Ace your strawberry mocktail game so you can make large portions of a drink that will be savoured by all your guests, young and old, at the next gathering you plan.

Read on below for some strawberry mocktail variations you can craft expertly by putting together some basic ingredients:

Pink Lemonade

Strawberry and lime juice go really well together, making pink lemonade a much sought after alternative for any afternoon hang. You can add a splash of unsweetened strawberry crush or chopped and blended strawberries to a classic lemonade recipe for making this seductively pink drink. Serve the mocktail in a glass that is filled with ice cubes and garnish with a mint leaf for a thoroughly refreshing experience.

Ace These Six Delicious Strawberry Mocktails For Your Next Garden Party

Sparkling Strawberry Seltzer

Make homemade strawberry syrup so you can use it to prepare different fruity mocktails using a mixer that is suited to your taste preferences. One such mocktail you can prepare is the sparkling seltzer by putting together the homemade syrup, simple syrup, lime juice and a splash of cranberry juice for its delightfully tart notes. You can add some sparkling water or tonic water to the drink so the aerated beverage puts a fine fizz into the mixture.

Strawberry Sorbet Mocktail

Making strawberry sorbet is a delightful process. You have to mix the cut up fruit or a decadent syrup in some freezing water and let the mixture cool until you can shave it and scoop into a blender. Add to this mix a dash of lemon and orange juice so you can introduce some acidic, tart and sour notes into the drink that will balance out the sweetness of the simple syrup and strawberry crush. 

Strawberry Basil Cooler

Another pairing that is wonderfully refreshing is strawberry and basil which give any drink a vibrant but intense flavour. Prepare a simple strawberry basil cooler by muddling crushed basil leaves into a shaker and add strawberry juice along with ice and freshly squeezed lime juice before topping it off with some water. Serve the drink in tall glasses adorned with a pink umbrella.

Strawberry Iced Tea

Out of the many flavoured ice teas out there, strawberry is one which has a very tangy and acidic, yet sweet note that makes it particularly appealing. You can prepare this drink using a simple syrup that is infused with strawberry so that its flavour spreads evenly throughout the mocktail. You can also add non-alcoholic rum to the mixture along with orange bitters for a slightly nuanced flavour.

Ace These Six Delicious Strawberry Mocktails For Your Next Garden Party

Virgin Strawberry Mule

Strawberries and ginger is actually a very zesty pairing that infuses a spicy but tart kick into your drink. Make a virgin strawberry mule by doing away with the vodka, instead adding crushed strawberries, generous amounts of ginger beer and some ginger shavings into the drink. This mocktail can be quite punchy so make sure you adjust the ginger according to your spice preference.

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