Style Your Bar Cart With These Simple Tips

Bar Cart cover

Are you planning to set up a bar cart? If yes, then we have a few ideas that are sure to catch your interest. Having a home bar is perfect for budding mixologists and cocktail enthusiasts. This way, you can mix up a drink whenever you want and can even level up your bartending skills. However, if you don’t have an extravagant space to set up a home bar, a bar cart would be a great addition to your space. It’s flexible, can be moved around and is spacious enough to store all your bar essentials. So to help you in this regard, we have compiled a few ideas on how you can style your bar cart! Interested? Then, let’s get started. 

Home Bar Cart Styling Ideas

1. Select an elegant bar cart

First, choose an elegant bar cart for your space. Maybe you don’t have an extra space to set up your home bar, or maybe you just need a mobile bar for anytime mixology. Whatever may be the case, a bar cart is both a stylish and functional element for your home bartending endeavours. So, based on your interests and budget pick a bar cart. 

2. Pick a colour scheme/theme

Now that you have chosen the bar cart, it’s time to style it up. Instead of adding all the elements that you like, how about choosing a theme or a colour scheme? For example, if you want to give a splash of greenery, you can style it up with some indoor plants. Based on your likes and interests you can choose a theme and colour scheme for your bar decor. Some of the themes that you can consider are - topical, vintage minimalist, sparkling, etc. Align your bar cart colour with the chosen theme.

3. Stock up on bar essentials

Now that you have the aesthetics sorted, it’s time to turn your bar cart into a functional piece. Stock up your cart with all the bar essential liquors, mixers, and barware. Compared to a full-fledged home bar, bar cart space is limited. So make sure to fill it up with only those ingredients that you often use. For example, if you are a whisky cocktail enthusiast, you may need to stock up on the finest bottle of whisky like Johnnie Walker Black Label Blended Scotch whisky or The Singleton Scotch, etc. Add mixers like tonic water, ginger ale and club soda. Whisky glassware like old-fashioned and highballs are a must. 

4. Arrange your bar cart

It’s time to set your bar cart up! Neatly arrange the items based on the order of your choice. We would recommend to place the heaviest and largest items on the bottom shelf. Lighter and smaller items are better off on the top shelf. You can also group your bar essentials by category, such as spirits, mixers, glasses, and tools. 

5. Spruce up the home bar decor

If your bar cart itself is your home bar, you can spruce it up a little bit to add more aesthetics. Candles, books, arts - there are many things you can choose for your bar decor. If your bar cart is too small, we wouldn’t recommend filling it up with too many things and leaving no space for essentials. You can opt for minimal decor in that case. However, if your bar cart is spacious, feel free to deck it up any way you want.

6. Experiment as much as you want

One of the best things about having a bar cart is that it’s easy to set up, it’s flexible to move around and you can experiment with decors and arrangements as much as you want. Mix and match and organise your bar cart in a way that would be more suitable for you. 

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