Sundowner Parties - Everything You Need To Know

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Do you know what is a sundowner party? Essentially it’s a party that’s hosted post 5 pm. Recently, sundowner parties have gained popularity as it offers a unique twist to traditional parties. Whether it’s held at a scenic outdoor space or the backyard of the home, these parties are a great way to socialize, relax, savour a delicious array of food and drinks and relax - all at the same time.

Everything You Need to Know About Sundowner Parties

What to expect while attending a sundowner party?

expectation while attending a sundowner party
1. Ambiance: Typically held in the evenings, sundowner parties offer a relaxed and laid-back atmosphere. Soft lighting, warm colours and comfortable seating arrangements.

2. Music: Chill-out or lounge music, not overly loud. Sundowner parties encourage conversation and relaxation, so expect soft and peaceful music.

3. Dress code: Casual or smart-casual. The sundowner events are all about casual, elegant attire that fits the relaxed mood. Sundresses, linen shirts, shorts, and sandals are popular options.

4. Food and drinks: Sundowner parties boast an extensive array of delicious foods such as finger foods, canapes, light snacks and so on. Served along with refreshing drinks like cocktails, mocktails and chilled fines. 

5. Sunset: Some sundowner parties that are specially hosted at scenic locations may offer a splendid sunset viewing experience. This not only elevates the mood of the party, but it is also a wonderful way to enjoy the beauty of nature.

In case you would love to host a sundowner party at home, here are a few tips you can keep in mind

Tips to host a sundowner party at home
1. Set your outdoor space: First and foremost choose where you want to host your sundowner party. It could be your backyard or your terrace space. The outdoor setting is best for sundowner parties as you can take advantage of the sunset view. 

2. Seating arrangements: Offer ample space for your guests to roam around. Include outdoor sofas, bean bags, lounge chairs, etc. 

3. Decorations: Create a relaxing atmosphere with mood lighting, lanterns, and fairy lights and don’t forget to light up some scented candles for a warm and inviting atmosphere.

4. Menu planning: Set up a dedicated counter for food and drinks. Additionally, a DIY drink bar could elevate the party experience for the guests as it gives them a chance to indulge in their interests and skills. Make sure there is enough food and drink to go around for the guests. Include a delectable selection of finger foods, snacks, and refreshing cocktails. Remember to include some mocktails on the menu for people who do not drink alcohol.

5. Sunset activities: You can plan activities to encourage your guests to enjoy a fantastic sunset viewing experience. Make a dedicated place for them to take pictures of the sky. These activities make your party more interactive and memorable.

6. Music: Set the mood for your sundowner party with a carefully curated playlist of lively and calming songs. Make sure the music isn't too loud so your guests may talk freely and comfortably.

7. Be prepared: If you live in a chilly place, late evenings may be cold. Include some warm blankets, cushions, and throw pillows for your visitors. You can also have a fire pit to keep your guests warm and cheerful. Additionally, you can have a fire pit to keep your guests warm and happy. Your guests will appreciate these thoughtful touches.

Sundowner Party
So, now you have a basic understanding of what sundowner parties are all about! These parties are a perfect way to enjoy a beautiful sunset, create memories and revel in a relaxing atmosphere. Whether you are attending one or hosting one, you have all that you need to have a memorable experience!

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