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Thandai-Based Cocktails For Boozy Fun During The Festival Of Colours

thandai during festival of colours

When the calendar flutters to the time of year of the festival that paints the town every shade imaginable, it's time to think about adding some colour to our drinks, too. Enter Thandai, the lead of our story, traditionally sipped to cool down but now ready to jazz up your glass with a twist. Let's mix up the old-school charm of Thandai with a cheeky splash of the good stuff from the bar. Here are five concoctions that'll have your taste buds dancing in delight.

rose coconut thandai

Rose Coconut Thandai Dream

Imagine Thandai took a beach holiday and came back teamed up with coconut and a blush of rose. You'll need 30 ml of Ciroc coconut vodka, topped with 30 ml of a rose-flavoured thandai. Shake these over ice and strain into a glass. The coconut vodka's subtle sweetness perfectly complements the thandai's spices, while the rose adds a faint aroma. Garnish with a few petals or a tiny umbrella.

fruity kokum fizz for festival of colours

Kokum Thandai Fizz

Next, we're taking thandai on a tangy turn with the Kokum Thandai Fizz. Start with 45 ml of Smirnoff vodka for its clean, crisp canvas, add 15 ml of kokum syrup for a tart zing, and mix in 60 ml of your classic thandai. Give it a good shake, pour over ice and top with crushed pistachios. It's like your taste buds throwing their own little party, complete with disco lights and all.

saffron in thandai

Saffron Sling

For something a bit more exotic, the Saffron Sling beckons. Take 60 ml of Signature Rare whisky, known for its depth and character, and introduce it to 60 ml of saffron-infused thandai. The saffron elevates the thandai's nutty-spicy profile, while the whisky nods approvingly in the background. Stir gently over ice, strain into a chilled glass and garnish with a saffron strand. It's regal and rich, and it definitely doesn't need a crown to prove its worth.

cardamom in thandai

Green Cardamom Cooler

The Green Cardamom Cooler is where Thandai meets its refreshing match. Mix 45 ml of Ketel One vodka with 60 ml of a green cardamom-enhanced thandai. This combination is like a monsoon breeze in a glass—refreshing, with a hint of spice and everything nice. Shake it well, strain into an ice-filled glass, and garnish with a cardamom pod. It's the kind of drink that makes you want to kick back, relax, and let the world wait.

almonds in thandai

Almond Bliss

Last but not least, the Almond Bliss, because what's Thandai without a nod to its nutty heart? Blend 30 ml of Smirnoff vodka with 30 ml of almond liqueur and 60 ml of almond-flavoured thandai. The vodka keeps it light, the liqueur brings the almond love, and the thandai ties it all together with its signature spice. Shake it up, pour it out, and float a few slivered almonds on top for that extra bit of fun.

There you have it—a colourful palette of Thandai cocktails that are ready to make any gathering a tad more spirited.

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