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Thank You Gift Ideas That Really Show Your Gratitude

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“Thank you". Those two little words that mean so much. It's always nice to show appreciation for the people you love and a thoughtful thank you gift can go a long way. We believe bottled gifts are the best way to do just that, especially a nice bottle of something they'll really love and looks good in their home bar. Not sure where to start? No stress! Together with our cocktail expert, Adam Hussein, we've rounded up the best "thank you" gift ideas to help make gift-buying for everyone in your life a little easier. Let's go...

Thoughtful Gift Ideas to Express Your Heartfelt Gratitude

Beyond GratitudeThank-You gift ideas for your co-worker

For your work friend who always makes time to listen to you vent, to the teammate who always comes through with the funny memes on the chat, and the inspiring manager turned friend who always sees your full potential, a "thank you" gift can say so much. It's such a nice way to show how much you appreciate them. 

But what to gift? A bottle of their favourite sip and one that matches their personality is the way to go. If it's for someone you know really well, like your work bestie, you'll know what she likes to drink – you've had how many happy hour venting sessions after work in the bar across the road? If she likes gin, you can't go wrong with a Gin gift box, especially if it’s of Tanqueray No.TEN! The box alone is enough to get her excited. If it's a work colleague you don't know too well, like the smiley co-worker who stepped in to help you on a project, an affordable bottle of gin, like Gordon’s London Gin, will go down well.

Thank-You gift ideas for the friend who takes their drinks neat

So, if you want to thank a loved one who has the finest taste and whose go-to drink is tequila, why not do it with a bottle of the iconic Don Julio 1942 Tequila? The bottle itself is pretty striking. It's got this sleek, tall shape and a cool wooden cork on top which gives it a nice touch. It would spruce up their home bar too. 

You can go one step further by adding a personal touch to their gift by engraving the bottle with a heartfelt thank you message to give them all the feels. Or if the person will only sip their tequila neat or mixed in a tequila Old Fashioned, a bottle of Don Julio Anejo Tequila is the one, thanks to its rich aroma and soft and smooth flavour.

Thank-You gift ideas for the ones who love all things whisky

Thank-You gift
Stirred into a cocktail, neat, or a dram, whisky makes an incredible gift. If your brother is a big whisky lover, and you're looking for a gift to thank him for helping you with the house move or just to remind him he is the best, why not gift him with a bottle of Johnnie Walker Black Label? It's such a classic – a serious masterpiece that always delivers! It's a blend of up to 30 of the rarest and finest whiskies Scotland has to offer, with a bold scent of fruits and a touch of sweet vanilla. 

If he loves the smooth and bold taste of bourbon, a bottle of Bulleit Bourbon Whisky is the one. He'll love both to be honest and he can use either one to mix up a Whisky Sour or enjoy as a long drink served with soda if that's more his vibe. Another idea is to send him glassware as a gift – a nice set of whisky glasses to elevate his cocktails and drinking experience. And as he is someone who sees himself as quite the whisky connoisseur, he'll appreciate the thought you've put into choosing the proper glassware.

Thank-You gift ideas for the host with the most

We all have that one friend who makes hosting look easy. They love to host. They do it often and always seem to look relaxed. They're also the type who always has the 'right' glassware for serving crowd-pleasing cocktails and all the bar tools to pull them off. If you're after a thoughtful gift as a small token of appreciation to say, "Thank you for having me," an affordable bottle of gin like Gordon's is enough to make them smile. Or say a bright and fruity thank you with a bottle of Tanqueray Flor De Sevilla distilled gin. It's beautifully distilled with bittersweet Seville oranges and orange blossoms for an enjoyable gin that brings Mediterranean vibes with it on every occasion. 

Add an extra special touch by adding a lovely message to a gift card. We can add a note to it – if the gift is going straight to the person – or we can leave it blank, so you can write it yourself if the bottle is being sent to you first.

Thank-You gift ideas for the non-drinkers

You want to show your appreciation to your mum for all she does, or to your bestie because she's been really supportive during the challenging time you've had lately, and they prefer something a bit different to alcohol. No problem! Help them create the non-alcoholic cocktails they love with an alcohol-free sip that shows you've been paying attention. Treat them to a bottle of Gordon's Premium Pink 0.0% they can use it to whip up a tasty Gordon's Pink 0.0% and Tonic.

So, what makes the perfect thank-you gift? It's all about the recipient. If it's someone like a co-worker you don't know well, something small like a cocktail book or an affordable bottle of gin is sure to please. If you're gifting for a friend, gift them a bottle of their favourite sip. And if you want to say a massive thank you to someone special, take things to the next level by personalising their gift with a heartfelt engraved message or gift note. Whoever you're gifting for, you're sure to show your appreciation in style with our gift ideas. Cheers!

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