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Outdoor Kitty Parties: Cocktails & Canapés Spell Fun In The Sun

The Art Of Outdoor Kitty Parties: Cocktails And Canapés Under The Sun

Kitty parties are interesting women-only spaces where members gather together as a collective to socialise and engage in small savings activities that run round the year. Over time, kitty parties have evolved to become elegant affairs that are complete with good food and drink, plenty of conversation and gossip and even some fun activities. Many of the more sociable and enthusiastic women in kitty parties also plan activities, games and conversations with esteemed guests when they host this brunch or lunch affair in their homes.

And many times such kitty parties are held outdoors, on the patio or in the lawn where you can soak in the warm sun particularly during spring weather. Amidst fresh cut grass or a wooden portico, you can set up little round tables and chairs for ladies to lounge upon on such leisurely mornings.

Along with that, what makes this comfy outdoor setting complete are a host of cocktails and canapés or small bites that are served under the sun in between spirited conversation.

The Art Of Outdoor Kitty Parties: Cocktails And Canapés Under The Sun

Canapés Under The Sun

Pairing cocktails with small bites is the perfect alternative when you are hosting a brunch time kitty party. This is because fresh canapés work as delicious munchies that fill you up without making you feel stuffed. Coupled with refreshing cocktails, they imbue a rejuvenating and boozy touch into your small feast too. Without having to sit for multiple course meals, these small appetisers become great explorations of flavour and can be savoured in a more relaxed setting at a garden party.

Among the host of canapés that could be prepared, you can opt for zesty choices that add a vibrant element to your brunch or lunch spread. Serve caprese skewers made from mozzarella and cherry tomatoes or cucumber smoked salmon bites that are light and flavourful. You can also prepare vegetarian choices like mushrooms and goat cheese crostini and some hummus stuffed peppers for their slightly bold flavours.

Other canapés that can be enjoyed under the sun with a refreshing drink in hand could be mini caprese pizzas that are baked just enough for the cheese to melt into a gooey delight. This can be a bit more filling option at a brunch and a pleasingly warm bite in the spring breeze.

Serving canapés in the outdoors is a clever way to reduce the stress of planning an elaborate meal that is difficult to keep warm and carry outdoors. As well, canapés offer a light lunch that is sure to keep you fresh enough for conversation enjoyed in the fresh sun.

The Art Of Outdoor Kitty Parties: Cocktails And Canapés Under The Sun

Cocktails Under The Sun

And when you are planning to serve such delicious canapés at your brunch, the most ideal accompaniment for the small bites are chilled cocktails that can carry a refreshing zest and mouth watering tang. You can serve large jugs of margaritas, bellinis, mimosas, sangrias and other refreshing batch cocktails that are easy to prepare and carry outside without much fuss.

You can also use a portable bar cart or set up a makeshift bar on the patio to prepare these boozy drinks that can be sipped under the sun. Ensure that the cocktails contain fresh flavours like mint, basil, oranges and limes so their spicy, tangy and umami qualities dance on your palate. As well, add plenty of seasonal fruits like pineapples, strawberries, mangoes and watermelons to the mix so they introduce a vitality into the blend.

Cocktails at a kitty party can serve as alluring boozy tipples to be savoured along with lots of laughter and socialising. Paired with delicious small bites, they enable a host to craft a brunch or lunch activity that is an exquisite affair enjoyed in a laid back setting. So along with keeping the flavour notes in cocktails fresh and pleasing, also make sure they complement the canapés being served at the outdoor gathering.


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