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The Art Of Presentation: 5 Packaging Ideas For Alcohol Return Gifts

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Return gifts are one of the most interesting elements of any party you plan other than food and drink because they serve as souvenirs for your guests, reminding them of the good times they had. Liquor bottles are excellent return gifts especially if you have connoisseurs of fine spirits among your list of attendees. A good bottle of whisky or premium vodka is sure to put a smile on their faces and add a charm to their liquor cabinets back home. But presenting these gifts to your guests in the most artistic way is just as important.

So, when you come up with a return gift, you must also think about how you want to hand it out to your guests, whether you want your bottle of whisky or wine to nestle in a box or lie flat in a bag. The method of presentation also depends on the theme of your party. For an elegant affair, you might want to look for a gifting hack more in tune with formal dinner etiquette. Whatever party you host, the art of presenting a gift plays a significant role in showing your guests that you take your hosting game seriously.

Read on below to learn more about how you can pack alcohol bottles as return gifts at your parties:

Colourful Boxes

One of the easiest ways to pack your liquor bottle is to use tall, rectangular colourful boxes where the container can be stored snugly and comfortably. Remember to first roll the bottle in bubble wrap to reduce the risk of breaking it, just in case it is jostled or moved around too much. You can also use handwritten labels and paste them on the boxes so each guest can be gifted a box with their name on it. The boxes can also be designed to resonate with the theme of the party whether it is a speakeasy affair or a black tie dinner.

Custom Labels

Another way to make your packaging game attractive is to use custom labels which can then be tied to the necks of the wine or whisky bottles you are presenting. A good gifting hack is to keep all your return gifts the same, that is, all your guests would receive the same type of liquor in identical bottles. The only difference would be the label which houses customised or personalised notes crafted to suit the personality of the attendees and which reflects their relationship with the host.

gifting labels

Vintage Cases

When you are thinking of creative ways to gift wrap your liquor bottles, you might want to consider vintage sleeves or suitcases which add a touch of drama to your party. This would especially work when you host a Casablanca evening or a Great Gatsby-style affair where there is ample room for mystery and intrigue. The vintage suitcase can carry a bottle of premium Johnnie Walker Black Label along with a couple of glasses to ultimately function as an artistic addition to any home bar.

Hand Painted Tote Bags

You would ideally want things to be informal and more laid back at a tiki party or island party. Return gifts would undoubtedly reflect this sentiment so plan your liquor bottle packaging in a way that your guests can revel in these relaxed vibes. One way to achieve that is to use hand-painted customised tote bags carrying labels denoting the date of the party. Inside, you can place a wine bottle with a customised note hanging around its neck.

colourful tote bags

Wooden Crates

Amp up the feel of mystery and period drama at your next house party by handing out a return gift packed in a wooden crate. A wine bottle nestling amidst straw in a crate shut tight is the perfect return gift at a murder mystery party or for a scavenger night. You can also make custom labels with a faded look to add more drama to the gift. The wooden crates can be adorned with a slightly smudged date of the party too for an elevated sense of the macabre.


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