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The Rise Of Solo Celebrations Is Making Party Planning An Intimate Experience

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Solitude is becoming an increasingly sought after phenomenon. Singles out there are preferring their singlehood and in many cases choosing to remain unattached in a bid to celebrate and mark moments of joy and revelry without the pressure of relying on someone else to make their day memorable. In a new book on happiness and singlehood, a prominent author has actually talked about how singlehood and solitude is in effect a conscious decision made by many because of increasingly empowering social and cultural factors.

This has also translated into solo celebrations, meaning that many people who are not only unhinged but are away from their loved ones are opting to party alone instead of going out and looking for transient relationships. Solo celebrations are fast becoming a trend and this practice is more than just hopping over to your local honky to have a drink. This is all about celebrating on your own, for yourself and with yourself like you would at any other party.

Self-discovery And Social Dynamics

A lot of people are opting for solo celebrations as a way to embrace alone time. In recent years, the continued presence of social media in our everyday lives has necessitated making so much of our life public. Apart from work and family, this public presence leaves very little time for individuals to be alone, and enjoy their own company. Self-discovery has become one of the most important reasons to indulge in solo celebrations and involves individuals sitting down with their favoured cocktails or hot beverages to do some earnest journaling, to play an instrument or to simply read a book.

Solo celebrations

The other aspect involved in solo celebrations is the inevitable shifting social dynamics. There are many among us who move away from home for work and are living abroad all by themselves. For such people partying alone or being alone in the apartment partying on a webcam with friends and family becomes a more fruitful experience than going out after a long day. Playing some music on their earphones, these lovers of solitude want for nothing except a good drink and a platter full of delicious appetisers.

Preferences And Independence

It rarely happens that we head off to a party and find every element there suited to our liking. Solo celebrations come with the privilege of curating your apartment, menu and decor exactly as you would want it to be. Personal preferences have a large role to play in making people hop on the trend of partying alone. Sometimes, this could mean connecting with your friends on video chat but most times, it is about mixing cocktails as you like them (with more booze and less mixers) and having your favourite food delivered.

This is directly linked to the phenomenon of independent living because more and more youngsters are achieving financial stability, allowing them to decide how they want to spend their time and money. With a social media crackdown on peer pressure and more focus on self-development, solo celebrations have become a way for individuals to own their autonomy.

 Solo celebrations

The choice to celebrate alone is reflective of this spirit of independence and empowerment because this has meant an increased focus on wellness and self-care. Lots of people out there are embracing an alcohol-free lifestyle and prefer to stay home with a mocktail rather than go out drinking. There are others who want to hit the gym or go for a run early in the morning and want to avoid late nights on weekdays, making an intimate solo celebration a very alluring concept.

Be it enjoying a stiff drink at home contemplating deep thoughts or a relaxing evening enjoyed in front of the TV, solo celebrations are about being in one’s own company, making parties a thoroughly intimate and private affair.

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