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The Ultimate Sugarcane Cocktail And Its Perfect Culinary Companion

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Picture this: you're lounging on a sunny patio with a lazy playlist on. All you need to complete the scene is a cocktail in one hand and a plate of food in another. Let’s dive into a cocktail that celebrates sugarcane, with a little help from the bar. Imagine a drink that's not just a refreshing sip but an ode to the sun-kissed fields where sugarcane sways. This recipe celebrates the simplicity and allure of sugarcane, enhanced by a couple of ingredients that can be easily found in your kitchen cabinets.


Fresh Sugarcane Juice for that raw, earthy sweetness - 60 ml

Captain Morgan White Rum to add a light, crisp rum character - 30 ml

Fresh Lime Juice for a zesty tang - 15 ml

Homemade Ginger Syrup for a spicy undertone - 10 ml

Fresh Mint Leaves for that herbal freshness - A handful

Smirnoff Lemon Pop to add a zingy twist - A splash

Ice Cubes - As needed

A sugarcane stick and a wheel of lime for garnish


In a cocktail shaker, gently muddle the mint leaves. You’re aiming to release their aromatic oils, not to tear them apart.

Pour in the fresh sugarcane juice, Captain Morgan Rum, lime juice and ginger syrup. Each ingredient plays a role. The rum brings a subtle warmth, the lime adds brightness and the ginger gives a spicy kick.

Fill the shaker with ice and shake vigorously. This blends the flavours beautifully while cooling the mixture down.

Strain the concoction into a highball glass filled with ice. You want a smooth flow without any mint leaves or bits of ginger in the drink.

Top off the cocktail with a splash of Smirnoff Lemon Pop. It’s the secret ingredient that brings an effervescent lemony twist to the party. For a non-alcoholic version, skip the rum, and enjoy a refreshing mocktail.

Garnish with a sugarcane stick and a lime wheel.

To complement the Ultimate Sugarcane Cocktail, you can pair it with a variety of foods. We recommend whipping up a plate of grilled shrimp tacos for a punch of flavour and freshness. The juicy, smoky flavours of the shrimp, seasoned with a hint of chilli and lime, go surprisingly well with the cocktail’s sweet, tangy, and spicy notes.

shrimp tacos

Taco Ingredients:

Shrimp, marinated in lime, garlic, and chilli - 15 nos
Soft Corn Tortillas - 8 nos
Fresh Avocado, cut into slices - 15 nos
Cabbage Slaw, tossed in a light vinaigrette - A medium-sized bowl
A dollop of cilantro-lime crema


Grill or air-fry the shrimp until for five to seven minutes, flipping once in between. Once done, assemble on a taco shell, add avocado and slaw and finish off with a dollop of cilantro-lime crema. These tacos, amazing on their own, can light up any get-together. But with the sugarcane cocktail, it hits all the right spots.

So next time you're in the mood to mix up something extraordinary, let this sugarcane cocktail be your go-to. Here's to a cocktail that's as delightful to sip as it is to craft

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