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These 6 Sattu Mocktails Would Put A Healthy Spin On Your Mocktail Game

sattu sharbat

Indian culinary traditions are a curious blend of ingredients which are as healthy as they are delicious. Flours used for making rolls and flatbreads figure prominently in Indian cuisine and are full of healthy complex carbohydrates, proteins and nutrients that boost health and immunity. A flour variety that has gained quite a bit of popularity over the last few years for its nutritional benefits is sattu, made from roasted chana or Indian chickpeas. It is often turned into parathas and laddoos that are savoured as breakfast or snack dishes.

But sattu can also be used in crafting delicious mocktails. The slightly dense and stark texture of the flour can mix well with water and juices to morph into delicious sharbats and punches, full of flavour. Many mocktail variants which are a spin on the traditional sharbat recipe can be made out of sattu flour by introducing other ingredients like lime juice, chilli powder and sugar syrup to give them a more refined finish.

Find out below some mocktail variations that can be concocted using sattu flour:

Classic Sattu Sharbat

Highly popular in the northern regions of the Indian subcontinent, sattu sharbat is very refreshing and can be made using a few basic ingredients. Simply add lots of water to a sumptuous portion of sugar or jaggery and sprinkle pink salt into the drink along with generous quantities of sattu flour. Combine the ingredients well and sip on a delicious and rejuvenating drink.

Sattu Jaljeera Mix

Follow the recipe to make a classic sattu sharbat but include jaljeera powder in the mocktail to pack it with a bit of heat. Jaljeera has a lip-smacking flavour, full of the zest of chillies, black salt, pepper, mint and lime. Paired with sweet and floury sattu sharbat, the jaljeera mix will beautifully create a non-alcoholic beverage with a very appealing and layered flavour profile.

sattu jaljeera

Sattu Fruit Punch

In the sattu sharbat recipe, introduce the sweetness and tang of fruits like mangoes, oranges and pineapples to craft a classic punch, sans the alcohol. You can add lime juice and chunks of fleshy mango to a glass of sattu sharbat but adjust the quantities of sugar or jaggery in the drink otherwise it can become too sweet. Balance out this saccharine quality with lime juice or black salt that will bring out all the flavours in the drink without making it too overpowering.

Sattu Cooler

A sattu cooler is a perfect mocktail to relish on a warm summer day. Filled with the goodness of sattu flour, lots of sugar and lime, it also contains the freshness of crushed mint that adds a rejuvenating quality to the drink. Add tons of ice to the mocktail too, for crafting a perfect quencher as the temperatures rise. Keep a jug of sattu sharbat ready in the refrigerator for those guests who show up for a last-minute hang.

sattu cooler

Namkeen Sattu Sharbat

Introduce flavours of chaat masala and black pepper to make sattu a tad bit namkeen. You can add some spiced boondi to the recipe to further enhance the chatpata layers of the dish. The namkeen sharbat can also be made using muddled cucumbers and onions to give it a heightened touch of masala flavourings. Adjust the quantities of flour in the drink so that it remains the hero ingredient with the veggies and spices complementing its flavour.

Roasted Sattu Sharbat

Sattu sharbat can also be made by roasting the flour to give it a smoky finish. Follow the classic recipe but again, adjust the helpings of jaggery and sugar because you might want to add more to balance the smokiness of the roasted flour. Garnish this drink with mint leaves and sprinkle some lime juice for a zingy twist. The mocktail concoction is the perfect sundowner when you want to relish a non-alcoholic beverage.

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