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These Are Autumn's Best Cocktails; Here's How To Make Them

By: Sheena Isokariari

Cocktails For Autumn, Fall-Inspired Drinks

Amid the falling leaves and crisp air of autumn, trying new cocktails with your favourite people is a lovely way to celebrate the season. Whether you're hosting a casual gathering of friends, a date night with your loved one, or a wholesome family get-together, our Johnnie Walker Brand Ambassador Adam Hussein is here with his top autumn-inspired cocktails that you're sure to fall for!

1.    Pumpkin Spice Cocktails For Autumn Sipping

The ever-popular pumpkin spice always comes back around in autumn. But how can you integrate it into your cocktails? Start with a Pumpkin Spice White Russian, a creamy blend of vodka and coffee liqueur. Shake it with ice, pour it into a glass, and sprinkle a dash of nutmeg on top for that extra seasonal touch. Or, if you're looking for an alcoholic version of your favourite autumnal coffee, try a Pumpkin Spice Latte cocktail. Adam's top tip is to make sure you get the aesthetic and delectable foam on top of the drink. "One of the best things about this cocktail is that it can be served hot or cold. If you want to serve it hot, you can froth it up using a milk frother. If you want to serve it cold, you can use a hand blender to get that perfect consistency on your cocktail. If all else fails, grab a gym water bottle or protein shaker — just add ice and shake, hard!"

Cocktails For Autumn, Fall-Inspired Drinks

2.    Warming Cocktails To Cosy Up With

Autumn is the perfect time to get cosy with whisky or rum cocktails during those longer evenings. If you invite your friends over for cocktails and a catch up, try heart-warming cocktails like Hot Buttered Rum or Hot Toddies. Or you could try serving unique twists on classic cocktails that embrace autumn's warm and comforting flavours. The Maple Old Fashioned is definitely one to try. Start with a few dashes of aromatic and orange bitters. Then, add a generous splash of smooth bourbon (we love Bulleit for this) and a drizzle of rich maple syrup. Stir everything together with ice, strain it into a glass, and top it off with an orange twist for some extra zing. 

Cocktails For Autumn, Fall-Inspired Drinks

Adam's top tips? "Once you master the basics, it’s time to get inventive. Just like baking, it's important to use correct proportions, but we also like to get creative! Perhaps try adding herbs or spices to your cocktails. Things like cinnamon, nutmeg and vanilla make amazing additions for autumn cocktails – or herbs such as thyme, sage or dill. These herbs can be incorporated into a simple syrup, used as a garnish for aromatics, or even shaken directly into your cocktail." 

3. The Best Seasonal Cranberry Cocktails

Cocktails For Autumn, Fall-Inspired Drinks

What better way to celebrate fall than with cranberries? These delicious berries come into season in autumn and can be used in lots of sweet and savoury cocktails. If you're looking for a fruity option, Adam suggests trying a Cranberry Bourbon cocktail. It's the perfect balance of flavours from sweet vermouth, tangy cranberry, and citrusy orange juice. If bourbon isn’t to your taste, a Cranberry Margarita is always a good choice. Mixing tequila and sweet cranberry juice gives the cocktail such a beautiful colour and tastes absolutely delicious too. And it's incredibly easy to make in a pitcher, making it the perfect choice for serving a large group of people. 

4. Alcohol-Free Drinks That Taste Like Autumn

For those seeking alcohol-free drinks, Adam has come up with two delightful sips that embrace the fall vibe, without the liquor: 

Cocktails For Autumn, Fall-Inspired Drinks

Gingered Pear Spritzer

Fill up a tall glass with ice, pour in ginger ale, add a splash of pear juice, and squeeze in some fresh lemon juice. Give it a gentle stir, and then garnish with a mint sprig and a slice of fresh pear. We also love adding a measure of Seedlip Spice 94 for some extra warmth.

Cocktails For Autumn, Fall-Inspired Drinks

Spiced Apple Fizz

Grab a champagne flute and use Seedlip Grove 42 as your base. Add a splash of apple juice, a squeeze of lemon juice, and a sprinkle of cinnamon then give this a small top-up with soda water. Stir gently and garnish with a thin slice of apple and a cinnamon stick. Sip and let the flavours of spiced apple dance on your palate.

And That’s A Wrap

So, there you have it. Autumn is the perfect time to get creative and cosy with delicious cocktails and the good thing is there are so many options. Whether pumpkin spice is your love language, or you’re big on cranberries, with Adam's recommendations, you can mix up delicious drinks for any occasion!

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