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Summer Picnics Made Better: Our Top Drinks & Snacks Recommendations

These Drinks, Snacks Are Picnic Perfect For Some Outdoor Summer Fun

When summer strikes in full force, what you would look for are those spots outdoors where you can carry a picnic basket and lounge all day to soak in the warm weather. A short hike to a picnic point in a meadow or by a small lake is the perfect way to spend a holiday weekend during summer.

And when you head out for such a wonderful day, you would want to take with you food and drink that is tasty but also easy to set up as you lay out your picnic basket.

Finger foods and classic cocktails are the best options for such occasions as they are easy to pack and serve when you are out. Make sure you fill up your picnic basket diligently with all the essentials for a picnic lunch like small plates, cutlery, wine glasses or champagne flutes as well as spirits like vodkas and whiskies and tiffins and containers filled with fresh fruits, salads and small bites.

Read on below for some ideas for picnic perfect drinks and snacks that you can prepare and take outdoors for these summer gatherings:

These Drinks, Snacks Are Picnic Perfect For Some Outdoor Summer Fun

Finger Sandwiches

Prepare cold finger sandwiches with cucumber, eggs, cream cheese and tomatoes for a thoroughly fresh summertime meal. You can pair these delectable foods with soft white wines and assorted snacks like chips and dips and certain soft cheeses. The sandwiches can be prepared using soft, white bread and cut into little squares that can be popped quickly into your mouth as you lounge on freshly cut grass in a park or lawn.

Devilled Eggs

Another mouth watering snack to carry in your picnic basket is devilled eggs that can be prepared by whipping up a stuffing using the egg yolk of hard boiled eggs mixed with mayonnaise, pepper, chives and a hint of paprika. Pair devilled eggs with lots of refreshing iced tea whose sweet notes will counteract some of the spiciness of the bite sized picnic food.

Peach Iced Tea

One of the singular delights of summertime is pouring out a tall glass of iced tea and taking a long drag of the drink as the heat comes bearing down on you. When you head out for an outdoorsy hike followed by a picnic lunch, you can serve a spread of cheeses, crudités and sandwiches coupled with such a refreshing iced tea filled with a sweet and tangy peach flavour.

Vodka And Whisky Cocktails

Carry a bottle of premium Smirnoff Triple Distilled Vodka to craft simple cocktails like a moscow mule or vodka and cranberry and undercut the summer heat with the zestiness of these drinks. Also carry a bottle of Signature Premium Grain Whisky or Black Dog Reserve if you are fond of these indulgent drinks served on a bed of ice in rocks glasses.

These Drinks, Snacks Are Picnic Perfect For Some Outdoor Summer Fun


On a leisurely afternoon spent picnicking in the outdoors, one would want to celebrate the joys of lounging lazily in the warm weather on soft grass. A drink that marks this sheer vacation feel is the mimosa, a blend of champagne and orange juice, served in a tall champagne flute. The drink oozes freshness and tang and when served chilled, makes for the perfect cocktail to savour on a hot afternoon.

Fresh Fruits

During summers, tangy and sweet fresh fruits bring a refreshing quality and lightness to your palate that enables you to counteract the heat of the season. Pack fresh, seasonal fruits like peaches, tangerines, oranges, strawberries, mangoes and pineapples and cut them up when you lay out your picnic basket to enjoy a fresh fruit salad. Pair this with a delectable red wine so you can balance the tang of the fruits with the slightly dry finish of a merlot.

Cheese And Crackers

Another tasty alternative to carry with you on a picnic is soft cheeses and crackers that you can munch on as you play cards or scrabble in the outdoors. Carry wedges of brie, camembert and a bit of blue cheese that can be paired with graham crackers or any other salty crisp of your choice. Cheese and crackers are indulgent offerings at a picnic lunch to be accompanied by a classic chardonnay or pinot grigio and culinary options like seafood canapés and fresh salads.

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