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Your Squad Will Find These 5 IPL-Themed Party Ideas Irresistible!

Try These 5 IPL Themed Party Ideas For Cricket Season

The Indian Premier League (IPL) hosted annually in India is a huge cricket tournament with as many as ten teams comprising players across the globe who compete with each other in a high stakes T20 contest. IPL attracts millions of viewers every year and many cricket fans have in fact begun to enjoy this format through time because it allows them to revel in the joys of the game alone and the excellent players who come together to play in the tournament. This calls for a time to host lots of watch parties and viewings where cricket fans come together to enjoy a night of sportsmanship and camaraderie.

And when you are one such fan playing host to lots of aficionados who will gather around your flatscreen or LCD projector to enjoy an IPL match on summer evenings, you might actually want to think of this as throwing a proper party where guests are looking forward to having a good time. Make your IPL watch parties the hottest tickets during this social season with lots of fun party hacks and ideas that celebrate the spirit of the game and the teams spread across different regions competing with each other for the ultimate prize.

Try These 5 IPL Themed Party Ideas For Cricket Season

Here are some IPL themed party ideas that would make your home hosting game stand out amidst the cricket fever:

IPL Trivia Night

A really exciting way to mark the cricket season is to play a trivia quiz full of questions about the IPL, the teams and players and the history of the tournament. You can plan quiz rounds in such a way that the difficulty of the questions increases as the game progresses. Break guests up into three or four teams according to the number of those gathered such that a team is eliminated after every couple of rounds with the last two survivors competing for the ultimate victory. Host several such trivia quizzes through the evening where winners can take home exciting IPL merchandise as the prize.

DIY Jersey Making Activities

What makes any party memorable are fun activities and games which amp up the enthusiasm of the guests. DIY activities are essential hacks for such evenings so before the game begins you can host a jersey making session where guests can decorate plain white t-shirts with stickers, logos and other paraphernalia symbolising their favourite teams. They can then choose to wear these DIY t-shirts when the game begins.

Stadium Snacks Counter

A highlight of any party is good food that makes guests really enjoy the spirit of the evening. You can serve stadium style food like hot dogs, corn on the cob, fries, cold drinks and chips so everyone feels like they are actually watching the game live in the stadium. You can also craft a DIY popcorn bar where guests can prepare their favourite snack using toppings like cheese, tomato, peri peri, barbecue and so many more according to their liking.

IPL Themed Cocktails

Drinks will abound at any IPL party you host so when you want to stick to the cricket theme, you might want to curate drinks which reflect the spirit of the tournament. This means you ought to have cocktails containing either regional ingredients or make slight changes to classic margarita or mojito recipes which reflect different IPL teams. From the royal blue lagoon to the knight riders shooters, there are hordes of such cocktail ideas befitting the IPL theme.

5 Overs Cricket Game And Watch Party

If your guests are in shape, you might want to put a little cricket into your IPL watch party by hosting a spirited match before you start the viewing. You can play a limited five over match by splitting guests into two teams and have a good game of cricket ahead of the real one. Make sure you have prizes in store for the winning team so there is an incentive to play well!


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