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Begone, Summer Heat! 6 Boozy Aam Panna Recipes To Stay Cool

Try These 6 Boozy Aam Panna Recipes To Beat The Prickly Summer Heat

When the summers hit the tropics, there is one fruit that redeems this rising, unbearable heat—the mango. Summer is the time to devour this delicious, indulgent and sweet fleshy fruit which has as many varieties as the different regions that cultivate mangoes in the Indian subcontinent. But before there are mangoes, there arrives the tangy, green raw mango whose acidity and sour notes are the perfect respite in the rising heat. One of the most famed drinks crafted out of the raw mango is the aam panna, a tangy and mouth watering, hydrating cooler made by mixing the raw fruit with tons of sugar and spices.

And when you want to give this elixir a boozy kick, you can add to it different spirits like vodka, rum and tequila which pack the panna with an electric buzz. Over time, mixologists have come up with several recipes that will turn your delicious aam panna into an equally lip smacking mocktail. They have adjusted certain ingredients in classic cocktails in a way that a liquor and mixers would blend wonderfully with the sweet and sour flavours of the aam panna.

Serving an aam panna cocktail would be the highlight of any summer party you host in your garden or on the patio and there are several recipes that can be prepared which incorporate this drink. Here’s a look at some of them:

Try These 6 Boozy Aam Panna Recipes To Beat The Prickly Summer Heat

Aam Panna Margarita

One of the most enjoyable variations of the classic cocktail, the aam panna margarita is easy to prepare but requires just a little bit of diligence when it comes to proportions. Since the aam panna is a sweet but tangy mix, you can go easy on the lime juice you add to a classic margarita. And instead of adding aam panna sherbet, you can simply add the concentrate so that its flavours ooze into a jug full of the classic margarita. Prepare this using generous amounts of triple sec and a quality Don Julio Blanco tequila.

Aam Panna Mojito

The raw mango drink is a very versatile addition in cocktails because it can accommodate any spirit due to its sharp and distinct flavours. The mojito crafted using premium white rum, lime juice and lots of mint is the perfect base for preparing an aam panna cocktail containing the fizzy qualities of soda, the intensity of rum and the sour notes of the raw mango drink. If you want to introduce a bright hue into the cocktail, make sure your aam panna concentrate is loaded with saffron.

Aam Panna And Vodka Cocktail

Do away with complex recipes and simply add a 45 ml pour of vodka to a glass of chilled aam panna for crafting a quirky take on a highball-like cocktail. You can adorn this drink with a tad bit of black salt if you want to elevate the sour, sweet and bitter notes in the panna and vodka blend. Prepare this simple recipe using Ketel One Premium Distilled Vodka and a dash of cumin as garnish.

Spicy Mango Margarita

Mixologists have for the longest time been experimenting with spicy flavours in cocktail mixes, with great success. A sweet and spicy variation can be prepared using aam panna too, simply by adding a dash of red chilli powder to the aam panna margarita recipe. This spicy component adds a lot of complexity to the drink that can be elevated if you prepare a salt and chilli rimmed garnish to adorn the margarita glass.

Try These 6 Boozy Aam Panna Recipes To Beat The Prickly Summer Heat

Aam Panna Spritzer

For a fizzy and slightly bubbly appeal, prepare an aam panna spritzer with the addition of prosecco to the cocktail. You can also pour any other sparkling white wine into the cocktail along with some soda and fresh mint leaves to give this drink a rejuvenating quality that would beat the summer heat.

Aam Panna Cooler

Raw mango and ginger come together in this cocktail for a surprisingly delicious mix. You can prepare a simple cooler using aam panna, vodka, some ginger beer, lime wedges and lots of ice. It is the perfectly sweet, sour and spicy drink to savour, with just a light buzz, on a warm summer evening.



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