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Unique Glassware for Showcasing Your Favourite Beverages


An ideal drink is a blend that impresses the taste buds and a glass that pleases the eye. We are certain that by now you must have caught wind of the latest trend in glassware: whimsical glasses shaped like animals, plants or abstract art. However, there is more to unique glasses than what you are seeing make waves on Instagram. 

With this guide, you will be able to pick out the right glassware for your next soiree. Remember, unique glassware not only showcases your favourite beverage but is also the first thing about the drinking experience that leaves an impression before the concoction. Therefore, it’s only fair that you give your glassware the thought and planning it deserves before bringing it out.

Vintage never disappoints

We’re delighted that glasses from the days of yore are making a comeback in the scene. Whether it is the art deco-inspired cocktail glasses, reminiscent of the early twenties, or the Victorian goblets, these pieces have the ability to transform your drinking experience. With one of these within your reach, each sip and swirl is meant to be a journey through time. Get ready to be transported to the olden days with these time machines in your hands.

For those who live by the philosophy of ‘less is more’, contemporary glassware is both sleek and simple. The designs seem to stick to clean lines, simple shapes and plain surfaces, making these a natural choice. It’s clear that this approach here isn’t about looks; it’s about letting the drink be the star. A minimalist wine glass, for example, has a clear look into the wine’s colour and texture, free from any visual distractions.


Getting the science right

The shape of a glass can influence the temperature and aeration of a drink, and therefore, there is science to what kind of glasses complement what spirits. The highball glass, a type of glass tumbler, is specifically designed for serving 'tall' cocktails and mixed drinks. These beverages usually contain a good amount of mixers and are served with ice, making the highball glass an ideal choice. Similarly, a tulip-shaped beer tumbler, meanwhile, supports foam retention and enhances the sensory experience of enjoying a fresh brew.
For those who like a touch of sophistication in their crockery, glassware also reflects cultural nuances. For instance, the traditional Japanese sake set, with its small cups and carafe, is a nod to the communal aspect of enjoying the fermented drink. In contrast, a heavy, single-malt glass is often paired with Scotch whisky, reflecting a more individualistic approach that is associated with solo enjoyment.
The material of the glassware is as crucial as the design. Crystal glasses, known for their clarity and resonance, add an element of luxury to the experience. Hand-blown glass, on the other hand, has subtle irregularities, bringing a human touch that factory-made glasses can’t replicate.


Setting trends with glassware

Eco-conscious consumers are driving demand for sustainable glassware options. Recycled glass pieces not only reduce environmental impact but also offer a rustic, earthy aesthetic that’s unique. There has also been an uptick in the art of making DIY glassware out of waste. Perhaps an idea for your next 'sip and create’ workshop?
Another trend that is gaining momentum is that of customised glassware. Engraving your initials, a special date, or a meaningful quote on a glass can tailor it to your personality. It’s a statement of your identity, right there on the table.

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