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Unveil These Hottest Valentine's Day Accessories To Make Hearts Race

valentine's day accessories

February 14 is just around the corner, and for those of you who might think of it as just another square on the calendar, think again. It's that time when you get to show your other half the depth of your feelings, not just with words but also with little gestures. Think of the day as a rare chance to elevate the ordinary into something that's practically dripping with love. So, why not pull out all the stops? Here’s how you can set the scene for a love-filled day: throw in a dash of creativity, a splash of your go-to spirits, and some tiny but potent extras that will express your love in personal ways.

Candle Holders with a Tale to Tell

Choose candle holders that aren't just about holding candles but about holding memories—maybe it's that quirky vintage brass one you found together on a random antique shop adventure, or perhaps it's a sleek piece that screams modern chic. The right candle holder illuminates not only your space but also your shared stories, making for an ideal evening.

Coasters with a Personal Touch

Coasters, often overlooked, can be a canvas for personalisation. Engrave them with significant dates, quotes, or inside jokes. Each time you set down your glass of Singleton or Talisker, let the coaster spark a memory—a moment that belongs just to the two of you. It’s these little details that can turn an ordinary evening into a treasure trove of shared smiles.

Couple Glasses

couple glasses

Thinking of opening that special bottle of wine you got on a holiday together? Any old glass simply won't cut it. For the whisky aficionado, imagine sipping Johnnie Walker Black Label from a set of intricately designed whisky glasses, their weight and craftsmanship enhancing the rich, smoky flavours. For vodka lovers, a pair of elegant martini glasses waiting to be filled with a smooth Ketel One concoction can elevate the moment from simple to simply unforgettable.

A Devoted Decanter

A beautiful decanter doesn’t just aerate your spirits; it symbolises the clarity and depth of your relationship. Choose one that speaks to the aesthetics of your shared space, be it boldly geometric or elegantly minimalist. Filling it with spirit not only promises an exquisite drink but also turns the act of pouring into a gesture of love.

Music Box or Playlist

couple music box

While not a traditional accessory, music sets the ambiance like nothing else. Curate a playlist or, for a touch of vintage charm, a music box that plays a tune special to you both. Let the air be filled with melodies that recall the first dance, the first kiss, or simply the joy of being together, creating a backdrop against which new memories can be made.
Valentine's Day is an opportunity to celebrate love in its many forms, and the accessories you choose play a silent yet significant role in this celebration.