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Unveiling Your Personality: A Cocktail For Every Character


At the next brunch, when you see yourself getting your favourite Mimosa for the nth time, wait and wonder if your choice of drink is a reflection of your personality. Over the years, mixologists and recipe creators have assigned certain personality types to cocktails. And while it is important to note that this playful matchmaking is served with a dash of stereotype, we have often marvelled at how our drink choices are like windows into our souls.

So, let's spin the bottle of personality and spirits, shall we?

The Martini: Sleek and Sharp

When you think of Martini, you think of Bond—classic, suave and a bit mysterious. Martini lovers have an eye for elegance and a taste for classics. A sip here speaks of quiet confidence and a penchant for the refined. In a room, they're like a well-tailored suit: striking yet understated.

Cosmopolitan: The Heart of the Party

Love a good Cosmo? You're the heart of the party, and you probably know it. The drink saw an incredible spike after Sarah Jessica Parker’s character made it her signature cocktail on Sex and the City. While there is only one SJP, Cosmo lovers like to be unforgettable as well and are not afraid to channel their divine feminine energy in the process.

Negroni: The Bold One

The Negroni is a bold mix for the bold-hearted. Trendsetters, innovators and those who walk their unique paths resonate with the audacity of this drink. It’s a cocktail for those unafraid to stand out and make a statement, even if they might rain on other people’s parade a little bit. They are here and it doesn’t matter if you are not ready for them.

negroni and character

Mojito: Sunshine in a Glass

Then there’s the Mojito, a burst of Havana sunshine served with some mint and lime. Mojito fans are your eternal optimists—the ones who light up rooms and lift spirits. Their laughter? Contagious. Their energy? Infectious. A Mojito drinker brings the party and the sunshine wherever they go, regardless of whether or not it is a happy hour.

Old Fashioned: Timelessly Yours

The Old Fashioned is a sip of history and an acknowledgement of the glorious past. If this is your cocktail, you are likely the reflective type, someone who finds comfort in nostalgia, the warmth of old stories, and the richness of barrel-aged whisky. There's depth in this choice, which might specifically appeal to artists or people who like creating.

Manhattan: The Urban Beat

This is the heartbeat of the city in a glass. Choose this, and you’re showing off your urban sophistication. It's for the fast-paced human who thrives amid the skyscrapers, writing checks and peering at the city lights after a long day of work. A Manhattan drinker is the rhythm of the city personified.

manhattan cocktail

Whisky Sour: Uniquely You

The Whisky Sour, with its perfect harmony of sweet and sour, is for the individualist, the pathfinder. It's a choice that combines the best of both worlds for those who do not like to choose. If this is your choice of drink, you probably have two contrasting sides of your personality. Think of someone who likes staying in as much as going out, or someone who is an ideal blend of strength and subtlety.

So, what are you? Are you a social butterfly with a Martini always at arm’s length, a Mojito's mirth, or the Cosmopolitan’s feminine power? At the next party, your drink might just reveal a little more about you than you think.

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