Using Rum In Cocktails? All Your FAQs, Answered

rum cocktail

There’s a reason why dark rum is a hit. It is versatile, carries a rich flavour profile, and there’s a classic rum cocktail for every season! If you love dark rum and are wondering how to incorporate it into your cocktails here’s everything you need to know! If you still have a couple more questions, feel free to check out our previous piece on other FAQs.

Q. What rum should I use for mojitos?

Usually, light or white rum is the go-to choice for making Mojitos. The light and slightly sweet flavour of white rum complements the fresh mint and lime in the cocktail. 

Q. What rum should I mix with Coke?

For a good Rum and Coke, you can choose between spiced, dark, or light rum depending on your personal preference. Captain Morgan Dark Rum is a recommended option for this classic combination. Remember to adjust the ratio of rum to cola based on your taste preferences.

Q. Which rum should I buy for cocktails? 

When choosing a rum for cocktails, consider the specific flavours you like and the cocktails you plan to make. Lighter rums are used in tropical and refreshing cocktails whereas darker and spiced rums can add depth to more complex drinks. So, buy both! 

Q. What rum should I use for Piña Coladas?

For Piña Coladas, light or white rum is the best as it allows the tropical flavours of coconut and pineapple to shine through without overpowering the drink. When making Piña Coladas, it's important to balance the flavours of rum, coconut cream or coconut milk, and pineapple juice to avoid a yucky taste. 

Q. Which rum should I use for Daiquiris?

For classic daiquiris, it's usually best to use a light or white rum to allow the flavours of lime to come through. But then again, it depends on what you like. 

Q. Which rum should I use for a rum punch?

When choosing a rum for rum punch, it's best to use a medium-bodied and versatile rum that complements the other ingredients. It's essential to balance the sweetness, acidity, and strength of the drink. However, some mixologists also recommend using dark rum for a bit of a sweet and spicy kick.

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Q. Which rum should I use for a Mai Tai?

The traditional Mai Tai recipe usually asks that you add a combination of light and dark rum. So, feel free to mix Captain Morgan with your preferred white rum and you’ll be good to go! 

Q. Which rum should I use for a Hurricane cocktail?

This classic cocktail which originates from New Orleans, United States,  is best known for its fruity and tropical flavours. It traditionally includes dark and light rum, along with various fruit juices and sweeteners. The rum choices can be adjusted based on your personal preferences and the flavour profile that suits your palette best.  

Q. Which rum should I use for Dark and Stormy?

This classic cocktail is made from dark rum and ginger beer. So, Captain Morgan Black Spiced Rum would be the best choice for this cocktail. 

Q. What rum should I use for Hot Buttered Rum?

This absolutely depends on your personal preference and flavour profile, but essentially the recipe calls for dark rum. It’s the preferred choice because of its rich, caramel, and warm flavours that are perfect in this cocktail. 

If you are a rum lover, we are sure you will agree with us when we say every rum cocktail is a hit! It is easy to down one too many when it’s your favourite drink. However, remember to enjoy your drinks in moderation!