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Why Grilling Fruits For Your Cocktails Is A Perfect House Party Idea

Why Grilling Fruits For Your Cocktails Is A Perfect House Party Idea

Summertime spells barbecue, cocktail evenings and garden parties where you can revel in warm breezes and fresh air. During summers, outdoor evenings are the perfect home hosting hack, you can choose to invite guests for themed soirees in your gardens or patios that can be anything from a horror movie night to a Great Gatsby party enjoyed outdoors. Whatever your party idea, you can make the most of summer by taking this merriment outdoors to immerse yourself in the warm tones of the season.

And when you craft cocktails full of fruity, tangy and minty flavours to pack them with a freshness that will revitalise you as the temperatures rise, try to put a bit of an innovative spin on classic recipes to make your home bar shine. One of the trendiest ways in which you could enjoy summer cocktails is by grilling the fruits that go into crafting some of your favourite drinks. So when you cool off by the poolside or char some meats on the barbecue, you can enjoy these summer activities with a drink that incorporates grilled fruits like peaches, lemons, tangerines and pineapples in the recipe.

Here’s five reasons why grilling fruits could turn your cocktails into showstoppers at your next house party:

Caramelizing Effect

Char grilling produce means you introduce smoky flavours into ripe fruits and crunchy veggies. This produces a caramelising effect on the sugars in the fruits giving them a slightly bitter and sweet note and a creamy texture that is nevertheless infused with a very crisp charry note. Such a mushy fruit can be added to your cocktail shaker to turn a classic paloma or a mai tai into a drink that carries more depth and texture because of the caramelised sweetness of the fruit.

Why Grilling Fruits For Your Cocktails Is A Perfect House Party Idea

Enhances Flavour

Many experts suggest that fruits like pineapples, nectarines and peaches lend themselves wonderfully to the grilling technique. This means that the fruits acquire a delightfully smoky texture and combined with their inherent sweetness, the char grill process only elevates their overall flavour. When these fruits are crushed and added to a cocktail shaker, they introduce those warm tastes and flavours into a drink that perfectly complement summer vibes.

Helps Blending

When you grill citrus fruits with their skins on, the firm peels soften as they cook, releasing some pungent, yet aromatic oils which give your cocktails a beautiful depth. And when the soft fruits are added to a cocktail shaker, they help to melt the ice which is added to the drink recipe leading to a very smooth blend of ingredients. You can either muddle the fruits in to release their flavour or simply squeeze them in so they can blend with summertime liquors like tequila and vodka to craft colourful and vibrant mixes.

For Crafting Botanically Inspired Cocktails

Summers are the time to enjoy some fresh fruits and succulent herbs that add a rejuvenating touch to your taste buds. Even as the char grilling process introduces smoky flavours into the drink, the freshness of ripe fruits remains intact and your cocktails acquire a very zesty quality, just like enjoying a sweet plum on a warm day! So, when you want to craft cocktails using fresh fruits you cultivate in your home garden, grill them to perfection to enjoy these herby, botanically inspired concoctions.

Why Grilling Fruits For Your Cocktails Is A Perfect House Party Idea

Pop Of Flavour

What char grilled fruits do to your cocktails is that they make the flavours of spirits and mixers pop in the drink. Once the fruits are added to the recipe, they cause new flavours to develop that can complement or even contrast the spirits added to the mix. Liquors like craft vermouth, mezcal and small-batch gin are perfect for these summertime cocktails because they pair really well with smoky grilled fruit variations.