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Your Cocktail Enthusiast Sibling Will Love These Gift Ideas

Your Cocktail Enthusiast Sibling Cover

Are you looking for a perfect gift for your cocktail-enthusiast sibling? Looking for gift ideas that will wow your sibling? Don’t worry! We have just what you need. Whether your sibling is a seasoned mixologist or a home bartender trying to craft easy cocktail recipes at home or maybe they just love cocktails too much! Whatever their interest these gift ideas will leave them spellbound. Get ready to be the best sibling ever!

Gifting Ideas For Siblings

1. Specially Curated Cocktail Kits

 Specially Curated Cocktail Kits
For a sibling who loves sipping and mixing cocktails, these are great gifts. A specially curated cocktail kit will have all the necessary ingredients and sometimes even tools to mix their favourite tipple. Whether you are running late and looking for a last-minute birthday gift or simply want to show your appreciation to your sibling, gifting them cocktail kits would be a wonderful idea! A typical cocktail kit may contain a spirit, mixer, matching glassware and garnishing ideas.

Look for a ready-made cocktail kit curated by top-shelf brands based on your sibling’s likes. If you are unable to get your hands on the ready-made cocktail kit, curate one yourself. For example, if your sibling loves a gin and tonic, then first choose a top-shelf gin bottle. You can opt for a Tanqueray or Gordon’s. Next look for a premium quality tonic water bottle. Next, add a stylish Copa glass and a bar spoon to stir the drink together. Maybe include a few dehydrated citrus garnishes for a complete cocktail kit! Add all these into a beautiful bamboo basket, wrap it nicely and gift it to your sibling! Your cocktail kit is ready to go!

2. Stylish Bar Tools

Stylish Bar Tools
If they are a fan of mixing cocktails at home, this one will be the best gift for them. It won’t just help with their craft but also add a whole new dimension to their passion! You can opt for a high-quality cocktail shaker that they can use to mix and shake their drinks.

Alternatively, if your budget permits, why not gift them complete bar tools set? Many brands offer a bar tool kit with all cocktail essentials. You may also customise your gift set by buying each bar tool individually. Some of the bar essentials are a cocktail jigger (used to measure ingredients), a cocktail shaker and a mixing glass (for shaking & mixing ingredients), a cocktail stirrer or a bar spoon, a strainer, etc.

3. Exquisite Cocktail Glasses

Exquisite Cocktail Glasses
Is your sibling crazy about stylish cocktail glasses? Are they eyeing some elegant glassware to add to their collection? Maybe they haven’t had the time to get a whole set of cocktail glasses that’s suitable for all types of drinks. Well, in this case, the perfect gift idea would be giving them a set of all the essential cocktail glasses.

Serving a drink in its respective glassware makes all the difference! Here are a few types of glasses that you can gift your sibling - Martini glass, coupe glass, rocks glass, margarita glass, Collins or Highball glasses, etc. If you make a whole set by gifting a pair of each of these glasses, they will have an entire collection to serve their favourite tipples. Also, tiki glasses are quite on trend now. These are ideal for tiki cocktails such as Mai Tai, Zombie, Pina Colada etc. If they love tropical concoctions gift them a set of tiki glassware, it can even elevate the home bar decor!

4. Cocktail Bitters Set

Cocktail Bitters Set
Cocktail bitters are essential to crafting drinks like old-fashioned, negroni, etc. Bitters are concentrated flavour agents. They are created using alcohol as the base and are infused with herbs, spices, fruits, botanicals and other ingredients. Just a few dashes of bitters can enhance the flavour profile of the cocktail recipes. Some of the common types of bitters are orange bitters, celery bitters, aromatic bitters, chocolate bitters, etc.  Make it a whole set with different flavours or one of the flavours based on their favourite recipes.

5. A Bottle Of Their Favourite Spirit

A Bottle Of Their Favourite Spirit
How about gifting a bottle of their favourite spirit? This would definitely be a great gifting idea if they indulge in sipping drinks neat or mixing them with other ingredients to make it a cocktail often. Here are a few recommendations from us:

Scotch whisky: If they are a fan of scotch whiskies you can gift them top-shelf brands like Johnnie Walker which has multiple expressions that suit every palate. Alternatively, Black & White, and J&B Rare are also great choices.

Single Malt: If they love single malt whiskies you should gift them a bottle of The Singleton of Glendullan 12 YO Single Malt or Talisker Single Malt Whisky.

Gin: If they are a gin lover, they would definitely appreciate a bottle of Tanqueray or Gordon’s

Vodka: Smirnoff No.21, Ketel One and Ciroc Ultra Premium Vodka are some of the notable choices.

Tequila: Don Julio tequilas are great options to choose from!

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