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4 Irresistible Indian Mocktail Recipes You Will Love

4 Irresistible Indian Mocktail Cover

If you are looking for delectable Indian mocktails that pack a punch of flavours and capture the essence of India’s vibrant spirit? Then, we have got you covered! Here are 4 irresistible Indian mocktail recipes that you will surely fall in love with. The simple recipe and tantalising blend of flavours are sure to leave you craving for more.

Must-Try Indian Mocktails: 4 Irresistible Recipes You'll Adore

1. Rose Lassi Recipe

This is a velvety smooth mocktail that combines the richness of yoghurt with an aromatic floral charm, creating a heavenly blend that will delight your senses. Here’s the mocktail recipe for you to try at home:


- Plain yoghurt - 1 cup

- Rose water - 1 teaspoon

- Rose syrup - 2 tablespoons

- Dried rose petals - 10

- Ice cubes - 6-8

- Grated dry fruits (pistachios, almonds, cashews)


- Add chilled yoghurt into a blender followed by ice cubes

- Next, add about 6-8 dried rose petals, rose water, and rose syrup into the blender

- Blend the ingredients until you achieve a smooth and frothy texture

- Pour the lassi into a serving glass and garnish with grated dry fruits and remaining rose petals 

2. Jaljeera Mocktail Recipe

A tangy tango of spices and mint, this refreshing mocktail is a traditional Indian drink that will awaken your senses. The zesty swirl of flavours in this mocktail is a perfect summer quencher. Here’s the mocktail recipe for you to try at home:


- Mint leaves - handful

- Coriander leaves - 1 cup

- Ginger - 1 piece

- Dry mango powder - 1 teaspoon

- Lemon juice - 4-5 tablespoons

- Roasted cumin seeds - 2 teaspoons

- Black peppercorns - ½ teaspoons

- Fennel seeds - ½ teaspoons

- Rock salt - 1 teaspoon

- Cucumber slices - 4

- Mint sprig - 4

- Boondi - handful

- Ice cubes

- Water


- Grind the roasted cumin seeds, fennel, and peppercorns

- Combine the ground spices with some rock salt and dry mango powder to make a spice mixture

- Add a handful of fresh mint leaves, coriander leaves, spice combination, 1 tiny piece of ginger, lemon juice, and half a cup of water into a blender 

- Blend the ingredients until smooth. The Jaljeera mixture is now ready!

- Fill four serving glasses with ice cubes 

- Scoop the jaljeera mixture into each glass evenly

- Add some chilled water as necessary to dilute the drink

- Garnish with mint sprigs, cucumber slices, and boondi (an Indian snack)

3. Aam Panna Mocktail Recipe

The juicy goodness of raw mango, spices and mint creates a lip-smacking drink that you have to try at least once. Immerse yourself in the tropical magic of India with Aam Panna today! Here’s the mocktail recipe for you to try at home:


- Raw mango - 1

- Mint - 3 tablespoons

- Sugar - ¼ cup

- Cardamom - ½ teaspoon

- Cumin powder - ½ teaspoon

- Pepper powder -  ½ teaspoon

- Salt

- Ice cubes

- Water


- Cook one raw mango in a pressure cooker. After it has cooled, pull off the skin and extract the pulp

- In a blender, combine the mango pulp, mint, and sugar

- Blend the ingredients until they form a smooth paste

- Pour the mixture into a mixing bowl and add cardamom powder, cumin powder, pepper powder, and salt to taste. 

- Whisk the mixture well to combine. The Aam Panna blend is now ready!

- Scoop a spoonful of the Aam Panna mixture into the serving glass

- Fill it halfway with ice cubes and top it off with chilled water

- Mix well and serve cold!

4. Shikanji Mocktail Recipe

Mint, spices, and citrus come together to create a zesty fusion of flavours in this traditional Indian mocktail. This vibrant blend captures the true essence of India’s spirit! Here’s the mocktail recipe for you to try at home:


- Mint leaves - handful

- Cumin seeds - 1 tablespoon

- Black peppercorns - 1 teaspoon

- Coriander seeds - ½ teaspoon

- Chaat masala - 1 teaspoon

- Black salt - 1 teaspoon

- Salt - 1 teaspoon

- Lime juice - 2 tablespoon

- Sugar - 4 tablespoons

- Ice cubes

- Water


- Begin by roasting cumin seeds, black peppercorns, and coriander seeds until release their aroma. Once cooled, add it to a mixing jar

- Next, add black salt, regular salt, and chaat masala into the mixing jar and grind them into a fine powder. The Shikanji mixture is now ready

- In a serving glass add lime juice followed by sugar

- Stir to combine

- Add half a teaspoon of Shikanji mixture and a few mint leaves 

- Fill the glass with ice cubes and top up with chilled

We hope these 5 delectable Indian mocktail recipes have ignited a spark of excitement within you! Craft these mocktails at home and share the joy of vibrant flavours with your friends and family! Let us know how it went.

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