4 Popular Australian Cocktails To Savour

By: Shreya Goswami

Aussie Cocktails

The combination of spirits, bitters and everything nice makes crafted cocktails a go-to for those who love to drink no matter where in the world they are. And while most people are well-aware of the cocktails that were born in the US, especially cities like New York and New Orleans, most are only just discovering the joys of sipping on Australian cocktails. To be fair, Australian cocktails entering the global mixology scene is a very recent thing since the trend only emerged in the late 20th century. And yet, Australia today has plenty to offer in terms of cocktails.  

Now, if you are wondering what the history behind the emergence of the Australian cocktail culture is, then here’s what you need to know. As a European settlement and British colony, Australia’s biggest cities like Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra emerged as social hubs with plenty of pubs and taverns. Catering to communities migrating from all over the world, these pubs started serving cocktails from around the world and then became the centre where new, true-blue Aussie cocktails were born. 

After the Second World War, Australia witnessed a huge influx of American soldiers too, adding to the rich tapestry of cocktails in the island nation’s history. This in turn led to a cocktail renaissance of sorts, where creative Aussies (many of whom were now also venturing into the global alcohol industry with Australian spirits) took it upon themselves to innovate and craft their own unique concoctions that represent local tastes, indigenous flavours and a fusion of cultural influences from around the world. 

Quite like the Australian food scene, the nation’s cocktail scene has also exploded recently and managed to garner a worldwide interest. Yes, Australia’s talented restaurateurs, chefs and mixologists are the ones who have brought this about, so much so that quite a few Aussie cocktails now enjoy global popularity. If you didn’t already know about them, here are some of the most popular Australian cocktails you should savour. 

Death flip

Death Flip 

A modern classic that is shaken, not stirred, the Death Flip is a true-blue Aussie creation innovated in 2010 by a bartender at the Black Pearl in Melbourne, Chris Hysted-Adams. Crafted with blanco tequila like Don Julio, yellow French herbal liqueur, a German herbal digestif, simple syrup and an egg, this cocktail is shaken with ice and strained into a couple glass before serving with a garnish of grated nutmeg. It is believed that the Death Flip was inspired by 19th century flip cocktails which included whole eggs. Creamy, smooth and yet potent, this Aussie cocktail is a true gem. 

Jap slipper

Japanese Slipper 

East and Southeast Asian cuisines have always had an impact on Australia’s gastronomic scene. Naturally then, a cocktail like the Japanese Slipper is a culmination of this influence. Innovated by Jean-Paul Bourguignon in 1984 at Melbourne’s Mietta Restaurant, the Japanese Slipper is a fruity cocktail. The core Japanese element here is a green-coloured sweet liqueur which is flavoured with muskmelon and a Japanese cantaloupe variety called Yubari. To this, a French, orange-flavoured liqueur is added in along with lemon juice. All three components should be in equal parts, shaken with ice and then served in a cocktail glass with a cherry at the bottom. 


Fizzy Apple Cocktail 

Legend has it that Australians found the Appletini, crafted in West Hollywood with Smirnoff vodka, a bit too strong for their palate, and hence the Fizzy Apple Cocktail was born. Vodka, apple juice and lemonade combine to make this Aussie classic cocktail called Fizzy Apple cocktails. With its mild golden hue and fizzy appearance, this one combines sweet and sour flavours with the clearest of vodkas like Smirnoff. The garnishing on top usually consist of apple slices or lemon twists in order to accentuate the core ingredients of the cocktail. Poured over ice in a chilled glass, this drink is perfect for Aussie summers and sundowner events.  


Lemon, Lime & Bitters 

Known simply as an LLB cocktail across Australia, this cocktail is crafted with a blend of lemonade, lime juice cordial and bitters. Because of its low alcohol content, the LLB is considered to be just perfect for those who don’t like their cocktails to be too strong or potent, but do enjoy the flavours. To make this one, all you need to do is combine equal parts of lemonade and lime juice cordial with a dash of bitters, stir it up and then pour over ice with a garnish of lemon or lime twists. You can also rim the glasses with the bitters and then fill it up with a blend of the other two.