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6 DIY Hacks To Curate Memory Making Ideas At Your Next Party

Memory making ideas

Every time you head to a party, you check if your ‘good side’ actually looks good, dress up in ways that are flattering both in-person and on camera. On reaching the venue, one of the first things you do is look for perfect spots to capture Instagrammable photos. Fret not, you are hardly the only one, we all have done that! 

Home hosting is as much about settling upon a theme and organising food and drink as about setting up a remarkable ambience that will be etched in memory long after the party is over. And one of the ways a good party is remembered months afterwards is through the photos, party favours and other memory making hacks employed by the host to ensure that all the special moments are captured to be cherished later.

There are some simple tricks in the party playbook to curate these memory making devices. Read on below for a few ideas that will inspire you to get creative with photo booths, hand printed poster boards and other curiosos for storing the fun moments at the next party you host:

Memory Wreath

If you want to go the extra mile when planning a party, you can create individual memory wreaths for your guests. This works best for an intimate gathering convened to celebrate a festival or mark an important moment. Memory wreaths can be made using vibrant poster boards, glitters and lots of colours accompanied by pictures and some gypsy flowers to become keepsakes that can be hung at the bedroom door akin to a festive wreath.

Themed Photo Booth

This is the perfect hack while hosting a themed party like disco or Monte Carlo or Bollywood night. Make a photo booth out of a decorative corner in your home or garden and jazz it up with streamers and lights. Guests can sit side by side just like a mall booth and capture the memories made at your themed gala on polaroids. You can also put out some stationery like pens and markers so your attendees can write messages, dates and quotes below the pictures for a more special and customised appeal.

Memory jar

Memory Jar

This is essentially a jar of goods that would remind your friends they attended your exciting party. If you are hosting a tiki themed event or a speakeasy soiree, you can also hand out these jars as a party favour filled with shells, flowers, jewellery and mini tequila bottles. Also throw in a polaroid of every guest to complete this jar of memories.

Mantelpiece Keepsakes

These are generally fancy invitations to balls, dances and hunting parties that would adorn the mantelpieces in times gone by. You can recreate this cute party favour by distributing postcard-like keepsakes with little messages written at the back that can be displayed on the desks or coffee tables of your guests as a memento of a stunning gathering.

Photo Arch

While most guests will arrive armed with their phones to click pictures at a party, what falls into the ambit of the party planner is creating an aesthetic space for your guests to capture these images. Create a photo arch with flowers, streamers, fairy lights and some gorgeous furnishings that fit the vibe of your party. You can guide your guests to this spot under fairy lights so they can click and post pictures of your party from a designated corner.


Scrapbook Basics

If you are hosting an intimate gathering, you can involve guests in the process of memory making at the party. Set out small scrapbooks and basic stationery so guests can doodle, paint, draw and stick pictures of themselves clicked at the party. When guests leave for the evening, they will essentially have made lasting memories while making a book to store them!


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