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A Beginner's Guide To Pairing Whisky With Indian Food

A Beginner's Guide To Pairing Whisky With Indian Food

Fancy a dram with your curry? You are in for a treat! The delicious duo of Indian cuisine and whisky is known to deliver at all times. The bold flavours of Indian dishes, with their rich spices and diverse textures, can find a perfect partner in a glass of whisky that complements their notes.

Let's delve into this fusion and discover how you can make your next meal an extraordinary experience of taste.

Peaty Whisky and Fiery Curries

A dish that brings the heat, like a fiery Chicken Tikka Masala, commands a peaty whisky. Johnnie Walker Double Black is your ally in this game. The intense smokiness of the whisky engages beautifully with the spices in the curry. It's a thrilling contest of flavours—each bold, each trying to steal the spotlight, yet together creating a perfect balance.

Highland Whisky and Creamy Dishes

Creamy Indian dishes like Butter Chicken or Paneer Makhani are a delight with a Highland whisky like the Singleton range. These whiskies often carry sweet, fruity notes that complement the rich, creamy texture of these dishes without overpowering them. It's akin to pairing a fine dessert wine with a decadent dessert, but with an intriguing twist that only whisky can provide.

Spiced Whisky and Tandoori Treats

For smoky and spicy tandoori dishes, like chicken or lamb chops, a spiced whisky is a superb match. Whiskies with hints of cinnamon, nutmeg, or ginger can complement the char and spice of tandoori cooking. Our fingers point at Talisker 10. This pairing evokes the essence of a rustic campfire—warming, a bit spicy, and deeply comforting.

Floral Whisky and Veggie Delights

Vegetarian dishes in Indian cuisine, such as the subtly spiced and earthy Aloo Gobi, pair wonderfully with honeyed and floral whiskies like the Johnnie Walker Gold Label. The gentle, aromatic notes in the whisky can elevate the earthy flavours of the vegetables, creating a delightful contrast. It's like garnishing a fresh garden salad with a sprig of aromatic lavender—unexpected yet utterly harmonious.

Rich and Honeyed Whisky and Indian Dessert

When it comes to Indian desserts, an indulgent Johnnie Walker Blue Label is your go-to. The inherent richness and sweetness of these whiskies can perfectly match the syrupy, milky goodness of desserts like payasam or gulab jamun. The smooth and honeyed undertones in the whisky resonate beautifully with the sweetness of these desserts, wrapping you in a blanket of comfort and warmth.

Beyond the Basics: Tips for Pairing

Here's a little tip from one flavour enthusiast to another: kick things off by savouring the whisky on its own. Really get to know it—is it bold and smoky, or soft and sweet? Once you've got a feel for your whisky, think about your meal. What's the main vibe of your dish? Is it packed with spices, or is it more on the creamy side? Maybe it's got a tangy kick or a sweet note. Our guide’s got some solid pairings to get you started, but hey, don't be shy to mix things up a bit. The most surprising combos can often be the most rewarding. At the end of the day, it's all about what tastes right to you. So go on, trust your taste buds, and enjoy the ride of mixing and matching. After all, discovering your own perfect pairing is half the fun!


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