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A Mocktails Menu To Make Your Next Pizza Party A Hit

Using Non-Alcoholic Beverages To Make Your Next Pizza Party A Hit 

Let's toss the traditional playbook out the window and mix up your pizza night with some unique non-alcoholic pairings that are anything but ordinary. Who said pizza parties had to stick to the classics? Not us. We're here to bring some fresh, fun combos to the table, matching distinctive pizza flavours with innovative non-alcoholic cocktails that'll have your taste buds doing a happy dance.

Spicy Pepperoni and Cherry Cola Shrub 

Kicking off with a spicy pepperoni pizza, adorned with slices of fiery pepperoni that pack a punch. To complement this, let's stir up a Cherry Cola Shrub. Combine cherry syrup and a dash of apple cider vinegar for that shrub tang, and top with sparkling cola. The sweetness and acidity of the shrub cut through the spice, while the fizz mirrors the excitement of the pepperoni's kick. It's a playful twist that balances the heat and treats your palate to an effervescent joyride. 

Using Non-Alcoholic Beverages To Make Your Next Pizza Party A Hit 

Wild Mushroom & Thyme Lemonade

Next up is a wild mushroom pizza, earthy and rich, with a sprinkle of thyme for an aromatic lift. Pair this with a Thyme Lemonade – think homemade lemonade infused with fresh thyme. The lemonade's brightness and thyme's herbal notes elevate the earthy mushrooms, creating a pairing that feels like a walk in the woods after the rain. It's refreshing with a hint of sophistication, making every bite and sip a delightful exploration of flavours.

Fig and Prosciutto with Sparkling Pear Punch

Love it or hate it, a fig and prosciutto pizza, has a stunning balance of sweet and salty. The perfect match? A Sparkling Pear Punch. Blend pear juice with a touch of vanilla extract and top with non-alcoholic sparkling wine. The pear's tart sweetness complements the figs, and the fizz brings a light energy, making this combo a festive and refined choice.

Buffalo Chicken and Celery Soda 

For lovers of all things spicy, a buffalo chicken pizza with that unmistakable hot sauce kick is a must. Cool it down with a Celery Soda – blend celery juice with a little lime and sugar, then fizz it up with sparkling water. This drink is crisp, refreshing, and slightly savoury, offering a cool respite from the buffalo heat. The celery's natural saltiness also makes it a great partner for the chicken, ensuring each bite is as balanced as it is bold.

Using Non-Alcoholic Beverages To Make Your Next Pizza Party A Hit 

Salmon and Dill Cucumber Tonic 

This pizza is what you serve when you want to impress without going overboard. Topping it off with capers, onions, and a sprinkle of fresh dill takes the pie to the next level, where the flavour of smoked salmon is enhanced to the ultimate.
Now, to match this pizza, a Dill Cucumber Tonic does just the trick. Some fresh cucumber and dill are muddled together as all the aromas are released. Some lemon and a bit of simple syrup balance out the flavour profile. Give it a shake, strain it over ice, and top it with premium tonic water. You have an unlikely match that has the potential to change the way you eat.

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