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Are You A Henry Or An Alex? Cocktail Options For You Based On Red, White & Royal Blue

Are you a Prince Henry or an Alex from Red White and Royal Blue?

Ever wondered if you're more of a Henry or an Alex? Take this quirky quiz inspired by Red, White & Royal Blue and find out which character's vibes match yours! Added bonus, we'll also recommend a classic cocktail that perfectly complements your personality. 

1. What does your weekend look like?

a) Attending an art exhibition.
b) Hiking or doing something outdoorsy.
c) Hosting a dinner party.
d) In bed all day, reading and watching and eating stuff.

2. How would you describe your fashion sense?

a) Classic and tailored.
b) Comfortable and practical.
c) Trendy.
d) Uber casual.

3. Choose a vacation destination:

a) Paris.
b) The Swiss Alps.
c) Vietnam. 
d) A secluded beach in Hawaii.

4. What do you usually like reading?

a) Historical Fiction.
b) Adventure/Action.
c) Contemporary Romance.
d) Mystery/Thriller.

5. Pick a movie genre:

a) Drama.
b) Action/Adventure.
c) Romantic Comedy.
d) Thriller.

6. How do you navigate and feel about relationships?

a) Slow and steady.
b) Laid-back and easygoing.
c) Passionate and intense.
d) Thoughtful and considerate.

7. How do you handle stress?

a) I’m calm on the outside.
b) I must punch things in order to stand back.
c) I talk to my friends for hours.
d) I sleep it off.

8. What social events do you love the most?

a) Art gallery opening.
b) Outdoor activities.
c) Dinner parties.
d) Book club!!

9. What’s your go-to drink flavour profile?

a) Bitter.
b) Citrusy.
c) Sweet.
d) Robust.

10. What keeps your clock ticking?

a) Knowing I’ll be remembered.
b) New experiences.
c) Meaningful relationships.
d) Learning.


If you mostly answered —

As & Cs: You're a Henry! You would enjoy a Classic Martini – timeless and iconic. Check out a recipe here.

Bs & Ds: You're an Alex! You would enjoy a  Mojito – fun and adventurous. Check out a recipe here.