Candle Scents Inspired By Iconic Cocktails

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A Evolution Of Classic Cocktails To Scented Candles

Classic Cocktail
Start your week with full enthusiasm by making changes in life to avoid the void. Nowadays people are enjoying their weekends by partying with their friends and families with new drinks that have been introduced. One of those is the mojito, at present it is a trendy drink. 

- Cocktail candles
This sounds like an innovative idea, doesn't it? The use of scented candles have also increased. Which are used to sooth your mind. This helps to bring a unique fragrance to the home and is also used in home decor. These Cocktail fragrances can also bring pleasant and nostalgic feelings by evoking the essence of each Cocktail.

Cheers To Delightful Aromas- Cocktail Candles 

Delightful Aromas
There are many other candle scents which are inspired by iconic cocktails. Which includes the following classic cocktails scents; The Old Fashioned cocktails are classic cocktails . 

- Classic cocktails uses bourbon, and orange which tastes bitter.
- The Mojito tastes like mint, lime, and rum. 
- Margarita contains tangy lime with salt and sweet agave nectar. It is a tequila-based drink.
- Moscow Mule - it contains the essence of citrus with ginger, zesty lime and mixed with vodka.
- Martini - Contains combinations of the essence of gin and vodka with a lemon garnish.
- Espresso Martini - it helps us to capture the aroma of vodka, coffee beans and liqueur. The candle gives out a fume of sweetness.

Do It Yourself

Do It Yourself
These are some of the innovative ideas to do scented candles infused with cocktails. Now let us learn how to do the iconic cocktails ourselves.

Materials needed
- Candle wax - soy or beeswax, Glass or cocktail glasses, Candle wicks, Fragrance oils to mimic cocktail scents, Double boiler, Wooden spoon, Coloring dye (optional)
Now let us learn the process to make DIY candles.

- Take clean and dry containers or cocktail glasses. 
- Attach the candle wicks to the center of the container's bottom to hold them in place. 
- Using a double boiler, melt the wax. 
- Once the wax is melted add the desired fragrance oils that mimic the cocktail essence
 - And if needed one can add the colouring dye to match the cocktail colours.
 - Carefully pour the melted wax into the container by leaving space at the top.
 - Allow the candles to cool which may take overnight.  
- Once the candles are solidified, trim the wicks to achieve a clean burn.
- One can also decorate the containers with ribbons, beads, and paintings to match the cocktail theme for the home decor. 
- Cocktail candles are ready to use.

These are the steps to be followed in making DIY Candles. 

Indulging yourself in fun activities helps you and your mind to relax. This also helps increase the bond between the children and their parents. Pass your time with your loved ones by making DIY candles. Individuals indulging in DIY candles making should need to follow proper guidelines to avoid burnt skin and fire accidents. Keep the candles away from the flammable materials. 

Experiment with various cocktail smells and colours to make your cocktail-inspired life! Visit The Bar .

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