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Check Out Liquors That Pair Perfectly With Chicken Tikka Masala

chicken tikka masala

Chicken tikka masala is a delicious Indian dish popular across the world. From Indian joints to high-end restaurants, this dish is served everywhere and in all kinds of eateries. Chicken tikka masala is a rich, spice-filled, indulgent dish, and one needs the right kind of alcoholic beverage to pair with it. This article explores a wide range of beverages that complement this Indian dish.

When choosing an alcoholic accompaniment for chicken tikka masala, there are certain aspects you need to keep in mind. The drink needs to have a complex flavour profile, strong fruity or floral notes, moderate acidity that cuts through the rich creaminess of gravy, and sweetness to balance the heat. These factors in a beverage complement the complex spice-laden flavour of the dish. You can also go with mellow flavours which contrasts with the prominent taste of the dish.

White Wines


A versatile wine like Riesling is perfect to go with chicken tikka masala. The white wine's crisp acidity, fruity flavours, and floral aromas go well with the rich flavours of the dish and enhance the spices in it. Choose an off-dry or semi-sweet variety as a little bit of sweetness balances the heat in the dish.


The intense and exotic flavours of this German white wine match the fiery notes of chicken tikka masala. Gewürztraminer has accentuated floral and tropical fruit aromas giving it a complex flavour profile. This goes well with the dish's pronounced flavours.

Red Wines

red wine

Pinot  Noir

This red wine has a flavour profile that contrasts with the dish. Pinot Noir has a light to medium body and delicate flavours that go with chicken tikka masala's bold taste. Go for a Pinot Noir variety with moderate tannins and acidity so that the wine doesn't overpower the dish. Serve the wine slightly chilled, around 55-60°F (12-15°C) so its fruity notes are heightened.


Zinfandel too works with chicken tikka masala as a contrasting pairing. The wine's luscious and jammy flavour is contrarian to the spiciness of the dish. Its moderate tannins and acidity balances the richness of the dish creating a harmonious pairing.



The best beer that goes perfectly with chicken tikka masala is Indian Pale Ale (IPA). IPA's hoppy and bitter flavours complement the bold and spicy flavours of the dish. The strong hop bitterness can cut through rich creamy gravy, thereby making them a perfect combo.



Below are the types of whisky that pair well with the chicken tikka masala.

Whisky is a versatile liquor that can complement the rich and bold flavours of chicken tikka masala. When choosing a whiskey to pair with this dish, consider the following factors:

-- Go for smooth whisky with a mellow profile, such as blended Scotch or bourbon, which contrasts with the lavish flavours of the dish.
-- If you like smoky flavours, then you could go with peated Scotch whisky
-- Older whisky has refined and complex notes, so a well-aged spirit will complement the depth of flavours of the dish.
-- Sip the whisky slowly and enjoy it along with the dish.


Dark Rum

The deep and complex flavours of dark rum go well with the spice-laden chicken tikka masala.

Rum Cocktails

You can choose to have rum cocktails which complement the flavours of the dish. A rum-based mango mojito or pineapple rum punch which has tropical notes and will complement the heat of chicken tikka masala.

While it's great to learn about making cocktails and alcoholic beverages, it is important to consume alcohol moderately. Remember to serve and drink responsibly to ensure you and your guests are healthy and out of harm's way. If you know anyone who has trouble controlling their alcohol intake, please refer them to a professional immediately.