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Cocktail Party Done Right With 3 Easy Smoky Cocktail Recipes

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Smoky cocktails are a refreshing way to spice up your usual choices. These may not make the trends of parties anymore, but when done right, they can blow your mind away. After all, there is a reason why smoky cocktails were once the most-ordered cocktails at bars. These cocktails can do wonders for the standard gin cocktails and deliciously reinvent them. 

Looking for a way to spook up your bar drinks? Leave it up to this blog to take care of it.

3 Smoky Cocktail Recipes To Kick-Start Your Cocktail Party

Although most smoky cocktails include spirits, there are some you can put together at home using specialized equipment. Look at the recipes to land a unique drink at your cocktail party.

1. Smokey Old Fashioned Cocktail

Essence of Cocktail Making
If you want to outperform yourself, this old-fashioned cocktail recipe is for you. You can prepare it using just one specialized equipment called the smoking gun. It will take your regular glass of whisky to another level with its decadent smoky depth. The most crucial step of this recipe is the garnishes. Here, you will fire smoke thrice in total.

- Add orange peel, cocktail cherry, and sugar to the glass
- Shoot some smoke, then cover it with a glass pitcher
- After 2 minutes, add smoke again
- Moving onto the drink, combine sugar water with bourbon and ice
- Throw in the smoked garnishes
- Smoke again for a sophisticated appearance

2. Smoking Blackberry Sage Margarita

Smoky Martini
If you're not a fan of the smoky flavour of these cocktails, you have to try the Smoking Blackberry Sage Margarita. Its smoky effect is delicately woven into the heavily fruity flavouring of this drink. Relish the delightful sweet and herbal undertones of this easy cocktail.

- Mix the Sage and blueberries into a cocktail shaker until it is lumpy
- Add tequila, maple syrup, bitters, and lemon juice to it
- Shake it fiercely
- Pour some dry ice or throw in regular ice cubes if you use dried sage leaves. In the latter case, set aflame the leaf's tip before it served

3. Smoky Manhattan Cocktail

Unveiling the World
The Smoky Manhattan Cocktail recipe syncs with the Manhattan Cocktail recipe for the most part. You need some good old bourbon, bitters, and a sweet vermouth cocktail. The smoking effect is an add-on concentrated on the garnishes since they hold smoke longer and better. 

- Smoke herbs, smoking pellets, and citrus peel for a lively flavour
- Turn the flame off and flip the cocktail glass upside-down over the smoking garnishes
- Pour the bourbon, vermouth, and bitters into a cocktail shaker 
- Shake until combined
- Swiftly flip the glass, then add the drink
- Add some more smoke before serving

Tips To Flatter Your Guests

Making a smoky cocktail can be tricky on the first go. Lean on these steps for some tips to do it right:

- Go overboard with garnishes and get creative with fruit wedges, spirits, and more  
- Smoke the garnishes on a slate cutting board or an old, unused plate
- If you don't have smoking equipment, burn pecan, hickory, a small portion of oak, or fruitwood on a cutting board. -- Upturn a cocktail glass while it's burning

Wrapping Up
It's about time the bars play the rewind button on the smokey cocktail trend. It's sophisticated appearance blended with robust flavors is eye-rolling good. Grab your glasses, bar kits, and get to work with a variety of top-notch bar drinks. You can always count on The Bar services and elaborate line of choices to capture the essence of a remarkable evening. 

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