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Cracking The Aesthetics of Mixology To Create Insta-Worthy Cocktails at Home

Insta-worthy Cocktails

Are you someone who is always scouting for the most photogenic drinks, rearranging everything for that perfect shot before the first sip? Or did we just catch you scrolling through your favourite influencer’s feed, marvelling at the wonders of their dinner table or home bar? If so, prepare to dazzle your social media followers with some spectacular home-crafted cocktails that are no less than a visual spectacle. But before we show you how, let’s spill the secret sauce of Instagram mixology.

instaworthy cocktails

The Heart of Insta-Mixology

The trick is not the drink itself, but the scene. We’ve said it before, and we will say it again; it’s all in the details! Everything from your choice of glass to the spring in the garnish to the backdrop—they all contribute to the presentation. The aesthetics of mixology are no different from getting the perfect selfie, where it’s the moment that matters the most.
Now onto lighter things. Here are three cocktails to make your Instagram feed shine:

Starry Sip: A Cosmic Whirlpool in Your Glass

First, meet the Starry Sip, a cocktail that looks like a galaxy. Take 30 ml Smirnoff Vodka and stir in 15 ml of butterfly pea flower tea for a deep, mysterious blue. Squeeze in some lemon and watch the magic unfold—a purple tinge emerges! Add a fizz with soda, and there you have it, a universe in a glass. Pour it into a tall, elegant highball, and let the likes roll in.

instaworthy cocktails

Captain Morgan's Beachy Bliss

Next up is the Tropic Twirl. Think of the warmth of the golden hour and the calming cool of the sea in a sip. Blend 45 ml Captain Morgan Spiced Rum with a splash of mango puree and a hint of fresh coconut cream, making things creamy and dreamy. Add a dash of pineapple juice for zest. Serve this delight in a quirky tiki glass, garnished with a pineapple slice. This infallible combination of mango, coconut and pineapple will leave you wanting for more.

Green Whispers with Tanqueray

This creation is like a garden party in glass. Start with 30 ml Tanqueray Gin, mix in fresh cucumber juice, and add a hint of elderflower liqueur. Top it with tonic for a gentle fizz. Present this refreshing concoction in a mason jar, adorned with rosemary and cucumber. It's a green haven with every sip that will not only quench your thirst but will also leave your Instagram looking lush.

And while we're at it, let's sip responsibly. These recipes are about enjoyment, not excess. If you're not into alcohol, we’ve got you covered. Whip up a mocktail version with some non-alcoholic substitutes, and you're all set.

So, there you go. Three cocktails and a side note on cracking the aesthetics of cocktail culture will bring you closer to your next big Instagram hit. Now, sip and click away!

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