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Did You Know That The Sizzling Trend Of Fire Shots Is Igniting The Alcohol Scene?

fire shot

In the ever-evolving cocktail culture, there is one trend that's been turning heads and igniting conversations, literally. Fire shots—those dramatic, flame-kissed concoctions—have found their way into the cocktail scene, offering not just a drink but a spectacle. If you are always game for a bit of theatrics behind the bar, you will be intrigued by this fiery fad. Let’s dive into what makes fire shots more than just a show.

The Spark of Excitement

Fire shots are exactly what they sound like: alcoholic shots set ablaze, creating a mesmerising dance on top of the glass. The sight of a bartender carefully igniting a shot, the blue and orange flames gently flickering, the collective gasp and cheer from the audience—it's a mini-performance that everyone stops to watch.

Safety First: The Art of Controlled Flames

Now, as flashy as fire shots are, being safe is an important part of the show. Experienced bartenders know it’s not about just setting a drink on fire. Understanding alcohol’s flammable properties, controlling the flame and ensuring it's extinguished before the drink reaches your lips is key. It’s a careful balancing act between danger and delight.

Choosing the Right Spirit

Not all spirits are fit for fire. High-proof liquors like rum or certain whiskies, which have a higher alcohol content, are usually the go-tos for fire shots. They ignite easily and burn with a steady, controlled flame, making them both safe and spectacular choices for this kind of drink.

making a shot

The Heat Is On

But what about the taste? Does setting a shot on fire actually change the flavour? The answer is a subtle yes. The heat from the flame can caramelise the sugars in the liquor, adding a toasty, slightly smoky nuance to the shot. It’s not going to turn your drink into a barbecue, but it does add an interesting twist—a little warmth that lingers after the flame is out.

Fire Shots in Cocktail Culture

Fire shots are more than just a party trick. If you like to push the boundaries of traditional mixology and add a visual and sensory dimension to the drinking experience, this is for you. We live in a time where trends are defined by social media. Remember the days of layered shots? Those meticulously crafted shots with vibrant layers of colour were a total hit on social media. They were like tiny, drinkable rainbows in a glass, requiring both skill and patience to create. Then came the era of outrageous, over-the-top shooters—shots with whole mini burgers perched on top or tiny tacos as garnishes. And now, fire shots have found their spotlight, offering a perfect blend of responsible fun and flavour.


A Toast

For those keen to try their hand at this fiery trend at home, a word of caution: fire is no toy. It’s always best to leave the flaming to the pros. In the controlled environment of a bar, with a skilled bartender at the helm, fire shots can be a safe and exciting addition to your night.