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Does Ginger Ale Make A Better Moscow Mule? Find Out!

Moscow mule drink

Moscow Mule has made a strong comeback in recent years in bars around the world. The drink is made using vodka, lime juice and ginger beer but increasingly, ginger ale is being used in place of ginger beer. Moscow Mule has also seen other variations in the past years where vodka is replaced with a gin, or Irish whisky, or absinthe. 

Why Use Ginger Ale To Make Moscow Mule?

To understand the rise of ginger ale as a substitute for ginger beer, one needs to deep dive into history. Ginger beer was created out of necessity. There was a time when clean water was not easily available. Hence, the beer which was produced needed to have a high alcohol content to kill any bacteria present. But the resulting alcohol in itself didn't taste very well, so ginger was added to the brewing process. Thus came to be ginger beer. But in modern times, clean water is safe and ginger beer's popularity is somewhat reduced.

Meanwhile, ginger ale was created to benefit from the soda fountain craze. The sweetened carbonated drink with ginger flavour became famous among the population.

Difference Between Ginger Beer And Ginger Ale

While ginger beer is brewed, ginger ale is just a sweetened carbonated drink with ginger syrup. Due to this, ginger ale got more popular than the alcoholic heavy ginger beer. Its sweet fuzziness took over ginger beer's complex peppery flavour.

Moscow Mule With Ginger Ale

The classic recipe of Moscow Mule calls for ginger beer, but ginger ale gives the cocktail a whole new flavour profile. Its sweetness perfectly complements lime juice and vodka. Its fizzy texture, and mild taste are easier to consume. Meanwhile, ginger beer gives the cocktail a spicier, bitter flavour, and a flatter texture.

The use of ginger ale in making Moscow Mule is becoming common. Here's a recipe for the cocktail with Black & White Ginger Ale. Black & White Ginger Ale is a flavourful mixer infused with natural flavours of ginger and citrus that mixologists swear by.

Moscow Mule With Black & White Ginger Ale


30 ml Lime juice, fresh squeezed

30 ml Smirnoff vodka

90 ml Black & White Ginger Ale

6 Mint leaves

1 Sprig of fresh mint, for garnish

Lime wedge for garnish



Take a large mixing glass. Add lime juice, vodka and ginger ale. Tear mint leaves into small pieces and add them to the glass as well. Stir the mixture well. Take a copper mug or cocktail glass (if a copper mug is not available) and fill it with ice. Pour the contents from the mixing glass over ice. Garnish using a lime wedge and a sprig of fresh mint. Enjoy the light and flavourful cocktail.

Additional Tips

- Use freshly squeezed lime juice and fresh mint

- Mix the beverage in a mixing glass first

- Fill your copper mug or glass with ice and pour mixed beverage over top

- Garnish with additional mint and a lime wedge

- Use a copper mug as it is believed that it makes the beverage colder

While it is alright to indulge in a drink every now and then, alcohol must be consumed in moderation. It is important to always serve and drink responsibly. This will keep you and your guests healthy and out of harm's way. If you know anyone who has trouble controlling their alcohol consumption, refer them to a professional immediately.


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