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Festive Gifting: Why Johnnie Walker's Gold Label Makes For The Perfect Present

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It’s the gifting season! Apologies, we meant the festive season. While there are loads of gifting ideas to choose from, ours are undoubtedly the best. Not only do these gift options celebrate the joy of giving, but they also lift spirits. Sorry, we couldn’t help ourselves. So, if you’re thinking of gifting someone a lovely blended scotch that will get into their good books, Johnnie Walker’s Gold Label is the perfect choice. Here’s every reason we could come up with, but be rest assured that there are plenty more. 

Epitome of Luxury 

This is the definition of luxury when it comes to blended scotch whiskies and is crafted from rare and blended whiskies to make each bottle ultra special. Furthermore, each batch is aged for a minimum of 18 years, and on account of this rigorous and timely distillation, the flavours are far more enhanced and rich as compared to several others.  A well-balanced, incredibly rich and refined scotch making it one of the most premium choices out there. 

The Unique Flavour Profile 

johnnie walker gold label

This whisky has one of the most complex and diverse flavour profiles. It has notes of honey, vanilla, and fruity undertones, complemented by subtle smoky hints that make the flavours a favourite. The spirit is so pleasing that it appeals to enthusiasts who’ve loved it for just as long as it’s been aged and newcomers who’re only beginning their journeys of discovery with the spirit. 

The Visual Appeal 

Let’s call a spade a spade and acknowledge the fact that this is one good-looking bottle that’s extremely well-presented. It looks chic with the amber-coloured whisky standing out the second you glance at it. It’s also packaged gorgeously, especially for the festive season – a lovely touch that’ll make your present stand out. Not only does the packaging create a sense of celebration, but also togetherness that ought to be enjoyed together. 

It’s A Versatile Choice 

johnnie walker gold label

The drink can be enjoyed in a couple of ways (only if you’ve reached the legal drinking age, of course). You can have it neat if you’re a whisky veteran or with exactly 6 ml of water (assuming you’re having 30 ml and no more because you’re a responsible adult), or with some ice, soda water, or in a flavourful cocktail. P.S: We’d previously written this article on how 20 percent of water is all you need to add to your whiskey, according to science!) If you’d like to try out some cocktails, you should definitely recreate Gold Label Reserve Highball, Gold Label Old Fashioned, Golden Sour, Gold Label Manhattan, and a Golden Toddy. 

It’s Special Because It’s Limited 

That’s right! Johnnie Walker often releases festive and gifting limited editions and this is one of their special ones that isn’t always available on the shelf for you to purchase whenever you’d like. You can also pair this bottle with some limited edition special glassware if your loved one is someone very close to your heart. This is essentially a collector’s item, considering it’s aged for at least 18 years, which means it takes a while for it to become available. 

So, what are you waiting for? 

PS: As always, remember too much of anything can be a bad thing, and the same logic applies to alcohol. Drink in moderation!

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