Garnishing Ideas with Innovative Ice Cubes

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Hosting any house party or gathering is a fun and challenging experience. Preparing the dishes, decorating the party decor or selecting the perfect drinks to prepare the party dinner requires great attention and creativity. To make your parties more exciting, we have brought you some funky Ice cube ideas that will turn any party drink more tasty and attractive.

Creative Ice Cubes for Garnishing Your Favourite Cocktail at Home

Herb Ice Cubes

The Herb Ice Cubes are certainly the most innovative ones of all. These Ice cubes are a good addition to your best cocktails and add flavour to your delicious food when prepared with oil. For this, you need to have fresh herbs of your choice. Mint, Oregano and Basil are some great options. First, finely wash, cut the herbs, and put them in a clean ice tray. Next, add them to your cocktails and drinks, then just add water and freeze. There, you have a beautiful cocktail to enjoy at your house party.

Fruity Ice Cubes

FruitThese super juicy and tasty fruity ice cubes are a treat for fruit lovers. Pick your favourite fresh fruits and cut them into small portions. Freeze these in ice trays with clean water for two hours. The fruity ice cubes can be combined with fresh smoothies, your favourite cocktail at home and even pep up the traditional water. These are the best choices for a summer house party.

Fun With Alphabets

This is a new and creative way for party enthusiasts to level up their best cocktails. All it requires is freezing ice and forming words with it. You need alphabetic Ice trays that are easily available online. Just freeze letters of your choice to make party-themed words.

Flower Ice Cubes

Flower Ice cubes are the most beautiful and attractive ice cubes you can prepare for easy cocktail recipes. All you need is some fresh edible flowers from the market, and you can prepare these in advance. The most preferred choice of flowers could be Lavender, Rose, Dandelion, Chamomile, Marigold and Mint leaves. The flowers are easily available in the market. Once ready, you can serve these along with Cocktails or Sparkling water. The Flower ice cubes add great aesthetic beauty to an ice bucket to keep your party drinks cooler.

Trendy Ice Trays

The trendy ice trays can make your house party more funky. Some cool ice trays, like citrus-shaped, heart-shaped, star-shaped or round trays, are great options. When frozen in these trendy trays, the Ice cube ideas shared above will give a creative twist to your cocktail at home.

Final Thoughts 
These cool and creative Ice cube ideas will help you prepare and present party drinks and cocktails in the most trendy way. Freeze the most memorable moments of any house party or gathering with more such quick recipes and tricks.

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