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Here Are Some Tips To Host A Fun Vegan Party At Home

vegan party arrangement at home

Hosting a party? How brave! Hosting a vegan dinner party for your friends? Well, you needn’t fear because we are here to help you out! Besides you have a chance to keep guests wondering what went into each dish. Trust us when we say you can still hold a memorable event with delicious food and drinks. 

Here are a few tips for hosting a vegan gathering in your house.

Natural Lights

Incorporate lots of candlelights in your decor.  From silver candelabra to gorgeous small candle holders, you can choose any or many of these illuminating items. Adding lots of candles will completely transform your space and bring a lot of character to the event. One thing to note here: make sure your candles stay away from the alcohol!


Keep a few playlists ready. Include your guests' preferences and make playlists of multiple genres. Let the ambience dictate the choice of music.

Setting the table

The dinner table reflects your own personality. If you want to showcase your lighthearted side, pick a colourful mix of table linens, silverware, plates, glasses, and decorations. If you are going with a more refined theme for your party, choose table linens that come in traditional designs.

Now, for the menu, below are a few ideas. 

Welcome drink

Offer refreshing tropical drinks to your guests after they arrive. Pineapple Coconut cocktails can work well for such an event. For a drink like this, you can also use a coconut as the cup to serve.


Vegan foods are yummy! You can serve vegan tomato flatbreads with beetroot hummus. You can top it with tomato, tahini and garlic.

Main course

Curried Jasmine Rice is a delectable main course that your guests will gobble up. You can top it with tofu or your choice of protein and seasonal vegetables. You can add fresh cilantro, mint, and toasted coconut flakes as garnish.


End the meal with a vegan cake or chocolate chip cookies.


Depending on your guest list, you can choose anything from cold beer to wine to cocktails.

The above options will work wonderfully for your vegan party. Do note its still a party! Vegan or not, the company, the tasty food and beverage makes the event memorable.

While it is great to have revelry with alcohol, its consumption must be moderate for good health and to keep harm out of the way. Remember to serve and drink responsibly. If you know anyone who is not able to contain their alcohol consumption, please refer them to a professional immediately.


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