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How To Make Tender Coconut-Infused Liquors For Your Next Spring Cocktail

tender coconut infused cocktail

Let's dive into something a tad unconventional, shall we? Picture this: your standard booze lineup at home, feeling a bit...well, ordinary. Now, let’s jazz it up with something as simple as tender coconut water. We’re about to flip the script on your go-to spirits with a tropical twist that’ll have your taste buds booking a one-way ticket to flavour city.

The Tender Coconut Vodka Whisperer

So, you’ve got a bottle of Smirnoff No. 21 sitting pretty on your shelf. It’s reliable, sure, but let’s give it a holiday. Grab yourself a tender coconut (watch those fingers when you open it), and mix its water with your vodka. Think 500 ml of Smirnoff to 250 ml of coconut water. Toss in a few coconut flesh shavings if you’re feeling fancy. Let this concoction chill out in a dark corner for a week, and what you’ll get is vodka that’s not just vodka anymore. It’s got things to share. Mix it with some lime and soda, and bam, you have the perfect summer party drink. Keep in mind that this batch can serve around 12-15 people.


Rum, But Not As You Know It

Now, for the rum lovers, Captain Morgan Original Spiced Gold is about to go on a tropical holiday. Mix this bold spirit with tender coconut water, and throw in some of that delicious coconut flesh for good measure. Stick to the 2:1 ratio or mix 500ml rum with 250ml coconut water. Give them a week to mingle, and you’ve got yourself a rum that’s dressed to impress. Splash it with cola or nestle it into a fruit punch, and every sip’s a mini-vacay.

An Unexpected Twist: Whisky and Coconut

Feeling adventurous? Let’s take Johnnie Walker Black Label out of its comfort zone. Yes, whisky purists might raise an eyebrow or two, but trust the process, it’s worth the experiment. Combine the whisky with coconut water and a scoop of coconut flesh, then play the waiting game for a week. You will be left with a whisky that does not play by the rules, lending its smoky profile to the coconut’s softness. It's smooth and intriguing, and might leave a stronger impression than your grandad's whisky.

coconut water

Infusing tender coconut into your liquors isn't just about adding flavour. It's about bringing a dose of freshness – delivered straight from the tropics – to your bar. Whether you choose vodka for its purity or rum for its character, the infusion process is a testament to the beauty of patience and the joy of mixology.

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