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How To Party In A Style That Befits The Festival Of Colours

How To Party In A Style That Befits The Festival Of Colours

IF you want to plan a house party that’s every bit as vibrant and many-hued as the festival of colours, look no further. From food and drinks to decor and desserts, and even the post-party clean-up, The Bar has got you covered. Let’s dive in!

Preparing The Party Space

Colourful decor, disposable but sustainable serveware, photo-ops aplenty — these are just a few of the things that could make your home or party venue perfectly geared up for the revelries to come. Looking for some great tips? Look no further. Action these eight tips to turn your house party into a festival of colours.

Food Glorious Food

Party-hearty your guests may be, but they sure won’t want their hands full of crockery and other dinnerware when they’d rather be swaying to the dhinchak beats of a Bollywood song dedicated to the festival of colours, or sampling various shades of thandai. What’s the answer to the food sitch then? Finger foods and scrumptious snacks of course! Just follow the links and take the lead.

Tipple With Thandai

A cooling, soothing glass of thandai is just what the party pros ordered. And while there are many ways to mix, we’ll always recommend this one tried-and-tested thandai masala recipe that rules them all. Want to infuse a tipsy element into the beverage? That’s easy enough. We’ve set out three tips that will have you mixing and matching your home bar’s contents with a serving of thandai.

Sweet Tidings

There’s enough camaraderie and love around to make your celebrations sweet, but a little extra helping of sugar — well, who’s going to say no to that? Make them an offer they can’t refuse with these thandai-infused takes on beloved Indian sweets. There could be few odes as apt to the festivities.

Cleaning Up

If there’s no evidence of its aftermath (cough *debris* cough), did a spectacular party even happen? Well, we’re saying yes! The remnants of any super party, but especially one dedicated to the festival of colours, should be in the memories you and your guests retain, rather than the mess everyone leaves behind. There are ways to ensure that the post-party cleanup isn’t as tedious a task as it is made out to be. Protect your indoor and outdoor spaces well, and remember that an ounce of planning can avoid a pound of cleaning.

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