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Johnnie Walker Blonde Product Review By Afzal Kaba


Want to experience a surprising taste of sunshine? Johnnie Walker Blonde is a delightful blended scotch whisky that packs a sweet surprise. The flavours of this neatly crafted whisky will dazzle your senses and the delectable taste is bound to linger on your palate long after you take the sip. Mix it with other ingredients to craft refreshing whisky cocktails or sip it neat or on rocks, Johnnie Walker Blonde is a liquid sunshine that will brighten your moments. 

Johnnie Walker Blonde Product Review

1. Johnnie Walker Blonde - Distinctive Bottle & Personality

Typically Johnnie Walker scotch whisky bottles are square in shape. The label of the bottle has a colour that aligns with the name of the expression. For example, Johnnie Walker's Black Label scotch whisky has a Black colour, Red Label whisky has a red colour and so on. 

The Johnnie Walker Blonde retains the same square shape but comes in a bright sunshine yellow colour. This also depicts the personality of the spirit - bright, smooth and light.

2. Johnnie Walker Blonde Flavours - Absolutely Palate Pleasing

Blonde Flavours
From the house world’s no.1 scotch whisky brand, Johnnie Walker Blonde is a taste sensation that is waiting to be unravelled. Here are it’s a well-balanced flavour profile that simply leaves the taste buds in joy.

- On the nose, the aroma of vanilla, toffee and berries tease the senses. This lays the foundation for a pleasing start to your drinking experience.

- The delectable blend of vanilla, apple, spices, and caramel simply swirls on the palate. It’s a perfect drink for those who are new to the world of whisky. If you are a seasoned drinker, Johnnie Walker Blonde will definitely offer something new and something exciting to cherish.

Price Range
- Compared to other Johnnie Walker whiskies, the price for the Johnnie Walker Blonde, lies somewhere between the Red Label and Black Label - Rs.2000 to Rs. 4000. This makes it one of the premium and fine scotch whiskies to fall under the affordable range. 

3. Ways To Enjoy Johnnie Walker Blonde

Enjoy Johnnie Walker
Neat, on the rocks or mix it in the cocktails, Johnnie Walker Blonde will definitely delight your senses with its delicious flavours. Johnnie Walker Blonde is best sipped before a meal. Enjoy it as an aperitif to prepare your palate for a lavish dinner that lay ahead. Also, Johnnie Walker Blonde whisky cocktails make an impeccable option for your next sundowner party!

Here’s how you can do it

On The Rocks
- Add a block of ice to an old-fashioned or rocks glass. Pour the desired amount of Johnnie Walker Blonde and let its flavour do the magic to your senses!

- If you love your whisky as it is, grab a glass, pour the desired amount and sip your way to the blissful world of Johnnie Walker Blonde.

- Johnnie Walker Blonde is a great option for your whisky cocktails. Dazzle and surprise your senses with delicious cocktails made using Johnnie Walker Blonde.

Now that you know how Johnnie Walker Blonde can delight your palate, here’s a delectable cocktail recipe for you to try.

Johnnie Walker Blonde & Lemonade Cocktail Recipe

Blonde & Lemonade
This simple scotch whisky cocktail is a refreshing blend of Johnnie Walker Blonde and citrus. The zesty tang of freshly squeezed lemonade seamlessly blends with the sweet, bright, and fruity flavours of Johnnie Walker Blonde. Try mixing this cocktail at home today. Here’s the cocktail recipe for you:

- Johnnie Walker Blonde Blended Scotch Whisky - 50ml
- Lemonade - 150ml
- Orange slice - 1
- Ice

- Grab a tall glass and fill it with ice
- Pour 50 ml of Johnnie Blonde, and 150 ml of lemonade over the ice
- Garnish your drink with a slice of fresh orange.

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