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Last-Minute Gifting Made Easy With Cocktail Kits

Last-Minute Gifting Made Easy Cover

Do you want to buy a gift for someone who loves cocktails? Are you confused about what to get them? Maybe you are running out of time or not sure what would be a meaningful gift idea. Well, in that case, you don’t have to worry. Cocktail kits are the perfect solution for you! These are the ultimate last-minute gifts for any cocktail lover.

Cocktail Kits For Last-Minute Gifting

Cocktail Kits For Last-Minute Gifting
You may have a close friend who is a cocktail enthusiast, a colleague who also happens to be a home bartender or simply someone dear to you who enjoys sipping delectable tipples. If you want to choose a last-minute gift for them, then cocktail kits are the perfect solution for you. Here’s why:

1. Cocktail kits are a complete set that comes with spirits, mixers, glassware, and sometimes even creative garnishes. Basically, it has everything you need to craft that one cocktail to perfection!

2. It’s easily customisable, and many top-shelf brands offer a curated selection of cocktail kits to choose from. 

3. It’s ideal for aspiring mixologists or someone who has recently started to mix cocktails at home. Since it has everything that’s needed to craft a particular cocktail, this will surely be a great way to perfect the skill, have fun and revel in the delicious flavours.

Cocktail Kit Gifting Ideas

Now that you know why cocktail kits are great gift ideas, are you wondering how to get your hands on one? No worries. Here are a few ways you can gift a cocktail kit.

1. Ready-made cocktail kits

Ready-made cocktail kits
If your friend, family member or colleague is a fan of cocktails, then you surely know what’s their favourite tipple. So look for some top-shelf brands that offer cocktail kits and choose the one that most likely meets the taste and interest of the recipient. These are ultimate last-minute gifts as they are ready-made, and incorporate everything from the alcoholic spirit to signature garnish, specially curated by the brand itself.

2. DIY cocktail kits

DIY cocktail kits
In case you can’t find a ready-made one, here’s how you can make your own cocktail kit. You can easily curate everything from scratch and create a personalised gift set for your friend or a family member or even that close colleague. Here’s the gifting idea for a DIY cocktail kit:

1. To begin, get a beautiful and elegant bamboo gift basket. 
2. Next, choose their favourite cocktail, and gather all the ingredients needed to mix one.
3. For whisky cocktails, the Johnnie Walker range or Singleton range could be a good choice.
4. Similarly, for vodka, Smirnoff or Ketel One brands are premium choices. For gin, Tanqueray or Gordon’s are excellent options.
5. Once you have your spirit ready, choose the rest of the ingredients like mixers, bitters, liqueurs etc.
6. Include a recipe card as well. Try printing it out with an elegant template or go old-school and create your own cocktail recipe card.
7. If your budget permits, you can include matching glassware. For example, a rocks glass if it’s a whisky cocktail, a Copa glass for gin and tonic or a martini glass for martini cocktails, etc.
8. Go the extra mile by including garnishing ideas that match your chosen drink. Dehydrated garnishes are a great choice.
9. Add all the ingredients to the basket, gift wrap it beautifully and your cocktail kit is ready!

Next time if you are stuck not knowing what to gift your cocktail-loving friend, try giving them a cocktail kit. They will surely appreciate your thoughtfulness. This will also be an exciting indulgence for them to craft their favourite tipples at home with ease.

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